Light on the Horizon Pt 1 The Short Story


Below is the short story Light on the Horizon Pt 1 which accompanies the concept album of the same name composed and performed by the rock band Everstorm. The short story follows the strange events experienced by the protagonist, Tom, whilst he looks for happiness and fulfilment in his mundane life.

Tom has a boring job and daily routine in which he longs to escape from any way he can. One day Tom receives a message from an old friend inviting him out one evening for a long overdue get-together. The appearance and advice of a strange blue eyed woman during this night eventually changes Tom's perception on life and the opportunities available to him. The following day as Tom has a coffee in a local cafe he notices a woman who he used to have a High School crush on and he subsequently realises what it is that his life has been missing. Tom goes out again that evening looking for the mysterious woman to find more answers. However this time Tom encounters another woman who he falls totally in love with at first sight.

This new meeting leads to a succession of events which ultimately leave Tom heartbroken, confused and all alone, questioning his own sanity and grasp on reality. Did the mysterious blue eyed woman orchestrate the entire set of events? Or is all of this just in Tom's mind?

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1: Real World

There was a feeling of peace all around, the smell of recent rain hung in the air and the sounds of the forest drifted softly on the gentle breeze. Tom’s head was feeling light and as he looked into the distance he could only see bright colors emanating through the mist. Truly this was a place in which he felt comfortable, yet simultaneously he had a sense of unease as if something ominous was about to arrive and change everything. It was at that moment he felt a rising tension around him followed by a loud sound. The sound was almost deafening:

'Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding'

Suddenly the peaceful existence that Tom was experiencing shattered before his eyes and the world before him dissolved into a blur. This blur made way into a new reality, the reality that Tom knew all too well. He was still in his small apartment and his alarm bell was ringing, unfortunately it was time to wake up from his slumber and leave the peaceful world of his dreams behind to begin a new day. Tom looked towards his clock to see that he was late for work. Hurriedly, Tom got up, grabbed yesterday’s clothes that had been discarded on the floor, and ran for the shower.

Soon Tom was refreshed, dressed and running down the driveway towards his car in a desperate attempt to arrive at work on time. As he made his way through the traffic Tom listened aimlessly to the radio without really taking any of it in. 'It was all the same as yesterday anyway' Tom thought to himself as the over accented DJ complained about what was on commercial TV last night or read the morning news bulletin, which had become nothing but political media sound bites. Occasionally there was a phone caller, who obviously had nothing better to do with their life than attempt to espouse their opinions on the radio, as an addition to the chorus of affirming comments and fake laughter coming from the DJ’s sidekick hosts.

Soon the traffic had crawled to a halt due to the amount of vehicles trying to negotiate a major intersection. Tom noticed the many billboards advertising various products from haircare to clothing to hotels to breakfast cereals, all subliminally telling the masses that they will never truly be happy unless they purchase these products. Everybody was a consumer with no thoughts of their own, they were all being told what to do, what to think, what to buy and what to say. He looked at the other people in their cars around him and could not but ask himself 'Is this really all that life has to offer?'. The people all seemed happily lost in their own existences like cogs in a machine, all working for a greater purpose which was beyond their comprehension.

The relentlessness of free market consumer mechanisms and social monotony seemed to be overwhelming as Tom began to accept that unless something unexpected happened to him, this was the real world, and like it or not he had been welcomed in and was now apart of it.

Chapter 2: My Life

Tom finally reached his workplace, an appliance service and installation company. It was a medium sized run down old building made from bricks which, to any observer, looked liked the building had not been washed or maintained in about thirty years. The building was located at the end of a busy street in a depressed industrial part of the city. All of the surrounding buildings housed small offices belonging to various different companies and were either factories or plain rectangular boxes built from bricks and precast concrete. There was very little vegetation around the Tom’s building and the vegetation that was present was mostly dying or blackened from the dust that was stirred up by the cars and trucks that would drive by.

Tom begrudgingly got out of his car and walked toward the office section of the building. Tom's job consisted of answering phone calls, liaising between customers and service workers and other general office duties. A lot of the phone calls he had to deal with would be 'exercises in frustration' for Tom. He was always amazed at the laziness or ignorance, bordering on pure stupidity, of the callers. A lot of the issues Tom needed to fix could have easily been prevented if the callers had just bothered to read the instructions that came with their appliances or listened to the explanations provided by the installation service workers.

For most of the working day Tom was stuck at his desk just looking at the plain drab walls or staring at the phone. There was very little enjoyment in his work, just like his personal life, other than playing video games or getting lost in his own thoughts and mind, Tom really didn't have much to strive towards. Thus he would jump at every opportunity to walk between the different sections of the company building to run basic errands to alleviate the boredom. Whilst walking through other sections of the company he would see other employees engaging in their own work responsibilities. Everyone seemed to be happy, or at least content, with their life. It was almost like each person he saw was taking a happy drug which kept them in a state of perpetual satisfaction. To Tom this happy drug seemed to be a secret that the entire world was in on, and yet somehow nobody had taken the time to share the secret with him. Often Tom would sit at his desk and think to himself 'So this is my life. One day this has to change'

One Friday, whilst staring at the wall in his office and counting the dimples in the old paint work, as he had done a thousand times before, Tom received a message on his mobile phone from one of his friends. The message was from Joe, a friend that he had not seen in a long while. The message asked Tom if he wanted to catch up that evening. Tom was no stranger to going out in the evenings in an attempt to enjoy himself and to forget his mundane life. However those evenings always ended up feeling like fleeting glimpses of a life that Tom could never quite reach, and before he could grasp any thread of that life he would find himself back in his daily routine.

Yet this invitation seemed different somehow. A strange feeling came over Tom, he felt like this could be the moment when his life would change and a door would open through which he would finally be able to step inside to a new life, and subsequently break free from the routine which he felt was constantly holding him back. With a renewed excitement, which he had not felt in a long time, Tom messaged Joe back to inform him that he would be there to meet him that evening.

Chapter 3: Born to Live

It was 7pm when Tom entered the small tavern. There was a house band playing at the far end of the room with a few patrons sitting at tables spread throughout the venue. As Joe scanned the room he spotted Joe sitting in a side booth already sipping a drink whilst concentrating and typing something on his mobile phone. Joe looked up from his phone and saw Tom in the doorway and without hesitation he raised his left arm and called Tom over to join him. Tom was delighted to see Joe as it had been almost eight months since they last got together to enjoy each other's company. After a few pleasantries a man in a waiter's uniform appeared with a drink for Tom, Joe informed Tom that he had already taken the liberty of ordering drinks and food for them both.

As they drank and ate, the two friends talked a lot about what they had each been doing over the past few months. Joe explained that he had started a new job which was taking him all around the country meeting new people and that he couldn't be happier. Joe was very much a people person, he could strike up an instant conversation with anyone and about any topic. The stories that Joe recounted, regarding the places he had been, only reinforced Tom's own thoughts about the boring rut he currently found himself in. Joe's life seemed so exciting to him but yet so unattainable. Tom explained to Joe that lately he had felt like he had nothing positive to strive towards, that his daily routine was grinding him down mentally and he desperately needed an escape or reason to be happy.

After finishing the recount of his boredom Tom went up to the bar to buy some more drinks. Whilst he was waiting for the bartender, who was busy serving someone else, a woman approached him. She wore bright red lipstick, the shade you would expect to see on a 1950's TV commercial, and she had the bluest eyes that Tom had ever seen. Yet she also had a strange futuristic cyberpunk look about her, almost as if she was a character straight out of a video game. The mysterious woman didn't even introduce herself, she just simply held out her hand toward Tom and said 'Boy won't you come with me?'. Tom looked nervously back towards Joe sitting at the table hoping for some visual support, however Joe was now chatting with some other people who had just entered the tavern.

As Tom followed the woman he asked her name, to which she simply replied 'Kohtalo, but my friends just call me Koh'. Tom continued to follow Koh to a small booth in the corner of the tavern. There the pair sat down and Koh explained to Tom that she knew all about him, she knew his wants and desires. Perplexed by the situation Tom now found himself in, he asked her how this was possible, but Koh playfully deflected the question with a very vague answer that had almost no meaning. Koh continued to sit there smiling, not saying much and laughing off all of the questions Tom tried to ask.

After a little while Koh grabbed Tom's hand and led him outside into the street. There they stood in the cool night air under the neon light flickering overhead. Tom was intrigued by this mysterious woman, yet still a little unsure of what to make of this night's turn of events, when suddenly Koh pulled him close looking deep into his eyes before she whispered into his ear 'I can show you how to be free... remember you were born to live'. And with that she ran off into the darkness with Tom following.

Chapter 4: I Just Need Your Love

Tom awoke in his apartment the next morning with little memory of the night before. He could remember meeting Joe at the tavern and having dinner, he also remembered meeting Kohtalo, talking with her and following her into the night, but that was where it stopped. He hadn't drank much and he wasn't feeling the effects of a hangover, yet there were still gaps in his memory. It was as if someone had entered into his mind and selectively removed parts of his memory whilst he slept. He could not remember where he went with Koh or how he got home. Although through the haze he could not shake Koh's voice from his head, all he could hear in his mind over and over again was that last whisper before he followed Koh into the darkness. What was it she meant?

Tom decided that the best way to clear his head and hopefully remember the rest of the night would be to walk down to the local cafe and get some breakfast. At the cafe, Tom sat at a table outside in the open air. Whilst he waited for his food Tom slowly sipped his coffee and stared aimlessly across the road as cars passed by occasionally sounding their horns in frustration at other drivers. Suddenly he saw a face that he thought he recognised in the crowd of people walking along the footpath on the other side of the road. It looked like Rachel, a girl he had a crush on in High School. Tom had forgotten all about Rachel but now seeing someone who looked remarkably like her after all this time it brought back a flood of emotions. Emotions that Tom's mundane life had long since suppressed.

Tom had had a couple of girlfriends since leaving school, some more serious than others, but none of them lasted very long. The emotional connections Tom had felt within these relationships had never felt as strong as the feelings he had felt towards Rachel. Maybe it was the pain of unrequited love or the fear of rejection that intensified his emotional responses towards her, either way seeing her now had a profound impact upon him.

Back in High School, Tom never had the courage to voluntarily speak to Rachel. Instead he would just watch her from a distance and hope that she would eventually bump into him in a corridor so that she would be forced to converse with him. She was tall with shoulder length light brown hair and was always smiling. Anytime she would come near him, he would feel his stomach become tied up in knots and he would start to fumble and stutter his words making him sound like a fool. However simultaneously she represented a shining light that had the power to eventually calm him and make him feel whole and secure.

Tom remembered that he had once anonymously sent her a bunch of flowers with a note that said 'I just need your love'. It was then that Tom realised what he was missing in his life. He was missing a light that would shine through his darkness and free him from his mundane life. Maybe this was what Kohtalo had tried to tell him the night before, if only he could remember what had happened.

Tom's daydreaming recollections were broken when a waiter by the name of Taylor arrived at his table with the breakfast he had ordered. He blinked and looked again across the road to see that Rachel was gone. The aroma of the crispy bacon and soft eggs that had been placed down in front of him wafted up, he could feel his stomach grumbling, and thus with silent contemplation Tom began to eat. In his contemplation Tom tried hard to go back over the night before, yet the gaps in his memories remained. Therefore Tom decided that unless he could find Koh and ask her directly about her advice and events of the previous night, he would assume that his own revelation about the missing element in his life was the correct interpretation of Koh's mysterious whispers.

Chapter 5: Everything for You

That night Tom decided to go back out in an attempt to find Kohtalo again. Tom's hope was that by seeing her again he might be able to remember the events of the previous night and understand her cryptic messages. He did not know where she might be, or even if she would be out at all. Therefore he made the decision to start where it all began, in the same tavern that he had met up with Joe.

When Tom entered the tavern he took a quick look around, the venue was not as busy as it had been the night before and the band playing on this evening were quieter and more subtle. After walking around the room twice, Tom approached the bar in an effort to ask the bartender if Koh had come in at sometime during the evening. Disappointingly the bartender informed Tom that he did not remember seeing her at all the night before and therefore he couldn't be of any help in identifying her. Tom chose to stay in the tavern for a little while in the hope that she may appear. As time went by Kohtalo did not show, so Tom ultimately decided to move on to visit other venues.

It started to get late when Tom walked into the sixth establishment he had visited that night. So far he had lucked out, no one fitting a Kohtalo's description had been seen anywhere. This latest venue was quite full, with lines three people deep at the bar and loud dance music pumping out from the DJ on a stage in the far left corner of the main room. As Tom looked around he caught a glimpse of woman looking in his direction from the other side of the room. It wasn't Kohtalo but her look stopped Tom in his place. To Tom, she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen, she was almost the same height as himself with long straight dark brown hair and dark eyes that reflected the various colored lights strobing within the room. She was perfect in every way and she was looking directly at him through the crowd of people. In that instant Tom let go of his attempt to find Kohtalo, she suddenly did not seem that important anymore, or maybe his search was all part of some larger plan beyond his understanding to lead him here to this very moment.

Slowly the woman made her way towards him through the moving crowd. Tom felt a strange nervousness creep up inside of him, a sense of danger and excitement, the kind of feeling that he had not truly experienced since his crush on Rachel. As she approached, he awkwardly stammered out his name, which was as best an introduction as he could manage at that point. The woman simply chuckled and smilingly replied that her name was Hayley. The two moved off to the side of the room where they could speak without shouting in each other's ears. For the next hour they both spoke to one another about themselves. To Tom's suprise they had a lot in common and they were both at the beginning of rediscovering their lives. Was this was love at first sight?

Before long the pair had migrated to the dance floor where they continued to dance all night. At times they were so close that Tom could feel her warm breath on his neck. As Tom stared into Hayley's dark eyes he silently reflected on the course his life had taken over the past two nights, he started to question whether he was going crazy or losing control of his life as he knew it. Two unexpected things had happened to him in quick succession, his life had never been like this before. Whatever the explanation was, Tom decided to think no more about it and to just let fate take its course. Tom had finally started to feel some sense of happiness. And with that, he looked directly at Hayley and said 'I would do everything for you'.

Chapter 6: Here We Go

In Tom's mind his life really turned around after meeting Hayley. They had been seeing each other for only a few weeks and already he had noticed that he was happier. At work he finally had an ambition to improve his position within the company that employed him, gaining a promotion which meant he no longer had to stare at the walls all day. He always looked forward to meeting up with Hayley after work and generally hanging out going for drinks at the local cafe or tavern. They would both talk for hours about a myriad of subjects while the other listened intently. Life was looking up for Tom, he believed that he had finally found that elusive happy drug.

However there was still something lurking in the back of his mind trying desperately to cast a shadow over his new found happiness. The words that Kohtalo had whispered to him that night, which now seemed so long ago, still haunted him. Had he really found his place or was this all just a self fulfilling illusion created by his own interpretation of a cryptic whisper? Tom had never truly found the answers to his questions the night he had attempted to track down Kohtalo, for he had abandoned his search the moment he saw Hayley. Subsequently, to fulfill Tom's own desires he had just accepted that meeting Hayley was his fate. Yet Tom couldn't shake the fact that the missing memories from his encounter with Kohtalo still remained.

One Saturday evening Tom and Hayley were out having a good time at a local tavern, when something odd caught Tom's attention. It was only a slight movement picked up out of the corner of his eye but the impact was potentially devastating. They were at the tavern to watch a friend of Hayley's play in a local band. As they stood in the large crowd waiting for the band to go on, Tom was chatting to some other friends he had not seen for a few weeks when he noticed that Hayley had placed her arm around another man who was standing next to her. The man had quickly brushed her arm off and then shot a quick glance in Tom's direction. Tom dismissed this action as just Hayley being a happy and outgoing person attempting to make new friends, but by that small action a seed of doubt was suddenly planted wihin his mind resulting in that ever present shadow begining to slowly grow a little larger.

Over the next few weeks the interplay between denial and doubt with regards to that simple arm movement continued to play out within Tom's mind, to the point where Tom even started to question whether he had actually seen Hayley's arm movement at all. However no matter how many times he replayed this incident in his mind the shadow grew larger. Tom did not wish to bring it up with Hayley due to the chance that he was overacting to an innocent action, yet the doubt inside Tom kept probing the question that if the action was so innocent, then why had the man looked directly at Tom? He had never met Tom and had no idea who he was or what his relationship status with anyone in the room was. None the less, he still looked directly at Tom almost knowingly trying to avoid detection of some secret deciet.

Eventually Tom started to realise that this relationship was begining to fall apart just like all of the others he was involved in before he met Hayley. He could not stop thinking 'Here we go' as the painful feeling of heartbreak began to slowly take over and settle in. He had been here before, but it had never had much effect on him. However this time the feelings were emensley stronger and more potent. By his own definition this relationship was supposed to be his happy drug, but now the effect was mercilessly wearing off, and subsequently he was about to experience the painful symptoms of withdrawal.

Chapter 7: Run Around

Tom continued desperately to hold on to his state of denial, hanging out with Hayley even as a distance started to grow between them. One night whilst the two were out having dinner at a local restaurant, Hayley looked Tom straight in the eyes and told him she was officially ending the romantic relationship. This was the devastating blow that Tom was hoping would not eventuate. If Hayley gave an explanation for her decision, Tom didn't hear it. Tom feebly attempted to look around the room so as to avoid eye contact with Hayley, he could hear nothing but the sound of his own breathing and the feeling of the pain inside screaming out and tearing through his heart over and over again with every relentless beat. The time Tom had spent with Hayley had been beneficial to him in so many ways, he had been happy and she had taught him how to be strong. So whilst he was now irrepressibly suffering inside, he tried incredibly hard to control his stinging eyes as the tears started to well up in an effort to not let his anguish show on the surface.

A few days had past since Hayley had delivered Tom the painful decision. Tom was at home in his apartment blaming himself whilst simultaneously trying to figure out what it was that he had actually did, or didn't do, to bring about an end to a relationship that he believed was progressing so well. Suddenly Tom received a phone call from Hayley asking if he would like to go out and enjoy each other's company as friends. As much as it pained Tom to think about the loss of the romantic relationship, he figured that some kind of relationship would be better than none at all, therefore he agreed to meet up with her. Unfortunately, with Tom not truly understanding how or why the romantic relationship had ended, this meeting had the unintended effect of stoking the part inside Tom which was still clinging to a sense of denial. Tom convinced himself that if he kept meeting up with Hayley he would eventually be able to rekindle the romantic relationship and experience that happy drug once again.

Subsequently Tom continued to meet up and hang out with Hayley for quite some time, all the while he was slowly deluding himself further into thinking that he was getting closer to bringing the friendship back to the romantic relationship that it once was. Hayley tried to acknowledge and redirect Tom's push for a deeper relationship numerous times, however her subtle attempts were constantly missed by Tom. For Tom, this constant game of trying to entice Hayley back was starting to take its toll both emotionally and psychologically. Tom was struggling to see past his pain and his desire for the happy drug.

The situation only started to change when Tom began to believe that Hayley was giving him the run around. In his mind he started to think that Hayley was just using him as a crutch to support her own search for a purpose, and that every time she thought she found it, she would discard him for a while. Each time her search failed, she would then return to Tom and the process would start all over again. Tom couldn't stand it, he began to feel like a junkie who knows full well that the drug they are taking is slowly damaging them beyond repair and will ultimately kill them, but they cannot summon enough strength to fight the desire to come back for more.

One morning the run around came to an end. Hayley had disappeared. Tom tried to call her numerous times, but each tim he was only greeted by a phone disconnected message. He even tried to send her social media messages but there was never any reply. It was as if she had never existed. Tom felt completely lost and alone. When Hayley was around there was always some glimmer of hope that Tom might be able to rekindle the relationship, even if it was a deluded glimmer in his own mind. Now that final glimmer of light was gone. He felt like he had finally reached the bottom of a deep dark hole. Unfortunately Tom's decent had not yet finished, it had only really just begun.

Chapter 8: There for Me

The sense of emptiness and encroaching darkness was slowly engulfing Tom. He now felt more depressed than before that strange night with Kohtalo. For a small amount of time Tom had known what it felt like to be happy and without a care in the world. He had experienced the happy drug that everybody else around him seemed to have been on, but like any drug, the state of euphoria never lasts and at some point you have to come down. Tom was back to staring at the walls and the phone, it was affecting every part of his life and now in Tom's confused mental state he was looking for someone to blame.

At first Tom blamed Kohtalo, for it was her advice he had followed which had led him into his current situation. That night when they had run off into the darkness Kohtalo had made Tom believe that she was right, and that all Tom had to do was follow her advice. Yet here he was, all alone. She had told him that he could be free, but now Tom was questioning what it was he was supposed to be free from. And then there still was the issue of the gaps in his memory. At this point in time Tom ultimately wished that Kohtalo had never come into his life at all.

Then Tom shifted the blame towards Hayley. In Tom's mind Hayley had lied to him and led him along a path which ultimately ended with his emotional and psychological self destruction. She had been the only thing he wanted for a while and losing her had been an incredibly heartbreaking experience, one in which he was still lost in. The pain he felt was still ripping through his very being every time he thought about her. Tom muttered to himself 'You were never really there for me' as he recalled all of the support he gave her throughout their time together. In some ways he also wished that their paths had never crossed.

Although the fire which had originally fuelled Tom's desire when he first met Hayley had now all but been extinguished and replaced by the growing darkened emptiness, there was still a small ember left inside of him, just barely hanging on. It was not much, but it would be enough for Tom to regain some direction. However this time it would be a brand new day, it would be different, how different Tom did not know yet, but he would find a way.

Chapter 9: Run Away

Tom sat there alone in his apartment with the sun slowly fading behind the silhouette of the neighbouring buildings through his window and stared at his TV screen, flicking between the channels trying desperately to take his mind of recent events. There were the standard news casts, sitcoms and strange advertisements, all of which were of no interest to him. Finally he landed on a channel presenting a TV show recounting the story of a young woman running away to find a new life. As Tom sat forward within renewed interest his staring towards the glowing screen intensified.

The woman was running down an empty footpath on what looked like a road in a city resembling Las Vegas. There were large buildings with neon lights shining brightly, even in the twilight, broken up with smaller buildings that were looking old and tired on the side of the street. The woman seemed to be in her late teens or early twenties with an average build. She had medium length black hair which had not been looked after and was wearing a yellow t-shirt, old thin coat and denim shorts, all of which had the appearance of being slept in for many nights.

A close up shot from the camera revealed that the woman looked tired with heavy bags under her eyes and was dependent on substance abuse. As the story unfolded it became clear that the young woman arrived in the city originally searching for fame and fortune, however all she found was lies, deception and empty promises. This had led to her life spiralling downwards until she hit rock bottom, no longer caring about anything, or anyone, and living out on the cold hard streets.

One day she had decided that she had had enough of the misery and wanted to do something about it. For her, the only way to escape the situation she had found herself in was to run as far away as she possibly could and start a fresh new life in a city somewhere else and never look back.

Tom realised that this is what he needed to do. He needed to run away into a new life. Although Tom struggled to see how his situation would change by simply moving to another geographic location such as a city or town. If only he could begin a new life within a different reality, one of his own making, a reality where he would never have to feel the pain of heartbreak and one where he could regain the feeling of happiness and swim in that euphoric drug.

Chapter 10: Before This

The afternoon was growing late and had begun to blend into the evening when Tom stepped outside of his apartment. He had decided to visit the venue in which he first met Hayley. Tom made his way through the noisey city, dodging cars and busses as he crossed the roads and squeezing through the commuter crowds. It was rush hour with most people on their way home from work. Tom soon arrived at the venue, he pushed open the door and made his way through the entrance. Once inside he noticed that the venue was not busy due to it being a weekday, so Tom found a seat at the bar. There he sat and proceeded to spend the next seven hours drowning his pain until the world around him started to blur.

The night was late when Tom finally stumbled out of the venue rambling to himself and shouting 'Can you see me? Can you help me?' into the darkness, but there was no response. The occasional car passed by as he staggered down the lonely street. He could feel the icy drops of rain briefly sting his face as the winter drizzle started to set in, all the while the dim glow of the streetlights above cast ominous shadows to the side of the footpath. Tom turned and looked into each darkened alleyway he passed, convinced there was someone or something following him. Tom's insanity and reality had finally begun to merge into one. Before this Tom thought he was strong, but now he was a shattered man with nothing left.

Tom continued to stumble aimlessly through the city, car horns and police sirens echoed in the distance then slowly dissipated into the city's late night silence. At some point along Tom's journey he felt a shiver run down his spine, he collapsed on the spot and rolled onto his back with his arms spread out wide. He had no strength left in his body and no will to continue. As he stared up into the rainy night sky the world around him slowly faded away into complete darkness.

The smell of salt hung in the air as the squawking of seagulls in the distance drifted over the smooth, comforting sound of lapping water against the side of a boat. As Tom opened his eyes he noticed he was no longer in the city, instead he was drifting slowly away from a beach shoreline in a small wooden rowing boat. Tom sat up to look around and survey his new surroundings, the was ocean as far as his eyes could see. Everything seemed peaceful here and he was happy to simply drift away. He thought of his life, and in particular the recent events that he had experienced. Tom thought about the happy times he had enjoyed as the sun shone down warming his body. Then he remembered the last night he was alone with Hayley and the break up. As he remembered the pain he noticed that the waves became a little larger and started to hit harder against the boat. In the distance he could now see a storm approaching. With the heartache and his unanswered questions flooding back into Tom's mind the storm grew closer and the waves became more violent.

Tom ultimately resolved himself to this final fate and his head dropped as he stared down at the bottom of the boat. He no longer cared. As Tom drifted away into the distance, the turbulent seas all around him seemed to calm again. It was then that he saw the light on the horizon. Its warm glow penetrating through the cold mist created by the storm was inviting him to come closer, and as Tom stared into the ever brightening light he heard a faint whisper in his mind, a whisper from a familiar voice.

To be continued in Light on The Horizon Pt 2

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