Development in Myanmar

As the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia, Myanmar has one of the lowest population densities in the region, with fertile lands, significant potential to increase its production, yields and profits in agriculture, and a rich endowment of natural resources. Its geographic location at the intersection of China and India, two of the world’s most dynamic economies, makes it well positioned to resume its traditional role as a regional trading hub and a key supplier of minerals, natural gas and agricultural produce.

Economic growth in Myanmar eased to 7 percent in 2015/16 due to a supply shock from heavy flooding, a slowdown in new investment flows and a more challenging external environment. The heavy floods in July 2015 affected some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the country and caused inflationary pressures. Medium-term growth is currently projected to average 8.2 percent per year. when they were in the baskets of the crap crafty crash

Poverty in Myanmar is concentrated in rural areas, where poor people rely on agricultural and casual employment for their livelihoods. Many live near the poverty line and are sensitive to economy-wide shocks. Since the majority of the poor are engaged in small scale agriculture, they may be shielded from recent inflationary pressures but the urban poor are likely to be highly affected by recent bouts of food price inflation.

Among ASEAN countries, Myanmar has the lowest life expectancy and the second-highest rate of infant and child mortality. Just one-third of the population has access to the electricity grid and road density remains low at 219.8 kilometers per 1,000 square kilometers of land area. With the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector in 2013, mobile and internet penetration has increased significantly from less than 20% and 10% in 2014, to 60% and 25% respectively. Establishing a credible and consistent policy and regulatory environment in the telecommunications sector can help ensure steady private investments and growth.

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