Salem Make Music Day 2017 people having fun makes downtown feel cool

Last Wednesday, June 21, was Make Music Day in Salem. Scroll down to see a video I made of a band playing in the "1859 Cider Co. alley," as I call it, plus photos I snapped with my iPhone. (The band probably is the M69's, based on the schedule and when I was there.)

Downtown feels way different when the streets -- and the alleys -- are filled with people having fun. Make Music Day Salem featured many musicians playing for free in the Historic District and elsewhere around town. I loved the vitality added to streets that normally are much more...well, normal.

These were the organizers of Make Music Day Salem: Carlee Wright, Danielle Green, Karen Green, Mark Green, Julie Eaton, Brian Hart, & Doug Hoffman. Thanks, gals and guys. And these were the sponsors:

The video below will give you a feel for the vibe in what the organizers called "Electric Alley" where the 1859 Cider Co. is located. My Wednesday Tai Chi class is in the upstairs space adjoining the alley above the Dairy Street Lunch. From 4:30 to 6:00 pm we rocked out (in so far as Tai Chi rocks) to the Electric Alley music. Nice change from the much more mellow music our instructor usually plays.

Here's a "glideshow" of the photos I took after my Tai Chi class was over, with some accompanying comments.

The alley on the other side of Court Street was filled with people and artistic stuff. Salem's downtown alleys have a lot of character and potential.

This guy was installing the artistic exterior of a new Arta Pottie in the alley. If you've got to go, you might as well do it in a pottie with style.

State Street also was enjoying Make Music Day.

These guys were playing on Liberty Street.

Liberty Street was pleasingly packed with people enjoying Make Music Day.

Downtown Salem should welcome sidewalk entrepreneurs. They add interest to otherwise empty concrete.

This duo was playing mellow music at the Beanery.

Returning to Electric Alley, the umbrellas mark the somewhat hidden 1859 Cider Co. (my few tastings have taught me cider is a great alternative to beer).

Making music next to the Victory Club alley seating.

A shot of the Victory Club music-makers.

Lastly, the aforementioned M69's. (Or maybe not.)

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