Go Kart Project- Ganancia Radcliffe Anderson

Problem statement-By the middle of the 4th marking period, our group has to build a GoKart with working steering, braking, motor drive, throttle, and electronics. The GoKart needs to function using provided power drill and a sheet of plywood. We are also provided a group budget of $25. All other materials have to be scavenged for on our own.

Research- Each team member was assigned a different task to focus on to be more efficient when making the the Go Kart, I picked the electronic side of the Go-Kart that requires me to makes an operating blinkers and horn system ad attached them to the Go-Kart

This is the horn we decided to attached to the Go-Kart. The horn should sound like a dixie horn. We will connect this to the side of the Go Kart.
These are the universal blinkers we will install onto the and back spoiler of the Go-kart. When making the spoiler we’re going to leave room for the name of the go-Kart which is Ganancia, and in-between fit-in the lights.


This was our day one sketch of the Go-kart. We named it Ganancia meaning gains. We wanted to add petals at the side and press on each one to accelerate or slowdown
This is the updated photo of our design. After watching Ms.Haight drive her Go-Kart we decided we wanted our Go-Kart to turn based on what pedal is pressed and have to "Arms" or sticks attached next to the Go-Kart that accelerates or Slows downs the go kart
This is our detailed sketch of the overall Go-kart. everyone's measurements or designs are placed into the different boxes but not exactly to scale.
This is the top view and side view of the spoiler that will hod the blinkers on the Go-kart. As of now the measurements are in place but can be changed in the future due to needed space or excess space.
This is the main piece of the spoiler that I'm making. It holds the team name and has two holds at the bottom left and right which will hod the blinkers. Underneath it will be the two pieces of wood that connected it to the seat and at each side of the spoiler there are little wings for design
This is the wing that will be at the left and right side of the spoiler. It serves no significant importance towards the Go-kart itself other than design
This is the slab of wood that will be underneath the main board of the spoiler that will connect it to the seat and hold the spoiler up, there will be two of these.
This is the the overall view of the spoiler once you combine all the parts together, the future the slab of wood that connects to the seat will probably be titled into a certain angle but for time purposes I chose no to include it.


This is the base of the chassis. This chassis piece will hold the Mortise and tenon join , piece of wood which we call the seat, the passenger, the drill, and spoiler of the Go-kart. A very important piece. In order to hold the extensive weight we made a second chassis piece to reinforce and strengthen the chassis giving it the ability to withstand the weight.
This slab of wood will be hold the spoiler and the drill behind it and will also be the seat for the driver of the Go-kart. We will connect this to the chassis through the mortise and tenon join technique
This is the combined chassis along side with the seat of the Go-kart. We nailed to two chassises together, then hammered down the Seat piece that will also hold the spoiler and hide the drill. The Chassis pieces were sanded and smooth, ready for inspection. For now we are waiting on the wheels from our team mechanic Manuel.
After we cut out the base of the project we had to wait for the supplies to come in and we all decided while we wait we should begin on the decorations of the Go Kart so we started to Spray paint the Go-Kart
We've finally added the wheels and finished the turning system on the Go-Kart. The bare-minimum or the easiest part of the project is done now we plan on focusing on reinforcing the chassis to prevent it from break when under intense pressure then work on the Spoiler .

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