Home Selling: The Tale of the Tape

So it is finally time to sell your home. For whatever reason (according to surveys, it's likely that you've outgrown your current home) you are considering putting your prized possession up for sale. So what is it like? You were on the buying end the first time, and that experience only taught you patience and discipline. Let's take a look at this new survey by the National Association of Realtors. It will help bring you up to speed on the SELLING side of the equation.

Above: You are in good company if this is your first time selling.
Above: Younger Sellers sold their homes to buy homes that were approx. 600 square feet larger while seniors sold homes and bought homes only slightly smaller.
Above: 30% of sellers on the West Coast got their full asking price, and 6% got more than 10% above what they were asking.
Above: How long did it take to put the home into escrow by region.
Above: 14% of sellers nationwide never reduced their asking price, regardless of how long the home had been on the market, while 34% of sellers lowered their price in weeks 5-8.
Above: Deal sweeteners used by sellers, by region. California homes need little incentive to sell. In fact, 70% of homes offered no incentives at all.
Above: The profit/equity sellers realized when they sold their home based on how long they had lived in it. Those who owned their homes 8-10 years were finally recovering from the housing crisis, and saw the least profit of all tenures in the home.

About The Agents...

Seller Priorities...

What did sellers MOST want from their agents?

That 4% figure for help with paperwork is dubious. Everyone is nervous about the paperwork.

Most Important Factor in Choosing Their Agent..

There you have it. That is a lot of data to go through, and the fact that you made it to this spot shows you are hungry for as much 411 as there is available. So, we'll go through a few last light infographics and see if your thirst has been quenched...

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