back of a computer case Eliana Favaro e Julian Hamers, 1BI


a Port is a endpoint of comunicaton in an operating system


This is where you'll connect the power cord to the computer

audio of a computer

Almost every computer has two or more audio ports where you can connect various devices, including speakers, microphones, and headsets.

ethernet port

This port looks a lot like the modem or telephone port, but it is slightly wider. You can use this port for networking and connecting to the Internet.

ps2 port

These ports are sometimes used for connecting the mouse and keyboard. Typically, the mouse port is green and the keyboard port is purple. On new computers, these ports have been replaced by USB.

serial port

This port is less common on today's computers. It was frequently used to connect peripherals like digital cameras, but it has been replaced by USB and other types of ports.

usb port

On most desktop computers, most of the USB ports are on the back of the computer case. Generally, you'll want to connect your mouse and keyboard to these ports and keep the front USB ports free so they can be used for digital cameras and other devices.

parallel port

This is an older port that is less common on new computers. Like the serial port, it has now been replaced by USB.

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