The epic hero Project by: amira musleh

Courage: The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain etc. without fear. So this is mandatory for heros because they need to bebrave and determined to do stuff in order to accomplish them.
This trait displays Odysseus because he shows his courage in numerous acts of bravery and leadership, going to battle against the Trojan army. Also even when he finally returns home , he he has the courage to face his wife after all years he was absent.
Super man
Courage : superman displays courage because of the many epics he went on and the amount of courage he showed throughout each of them. He battles with out fare and never gives up and always overcomes the obstacles that's are thrown at him.
Intelligence : The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills . So I believe intelligence plays a big role in epic heros. They play a huge role so you can know what to do when your in tough situations.
Odysseus shows his intelligence serval times , such as when he helped the Greeks sneak into the Trojan camp via the Trojan horse. Thr Trojans took this giant horse as a peace offering. But they hiding inside , then came out winning the battle of the Trojan war.
Superman possesses kyptonian intelligence and technology. Under a yellow sun, he can think faster than a supercomputer, even without a yellow sun, his cognitive abilities are much higher than a normal humans also he possesses an eidetic memory.
Compassionate: is a feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others. So as being a epic hero this is much needed. It's needed because you need to be concerned for others and care for them so you can get the same respect in return and shows what kind of person you really are.
Odysseous shows compassion by his sorrow and weeping when phaecions retell the story of Troy and he gets sad at the death of his dog , Argos, and his regret at the death of Ajax. Also his tenderness and love for his wife.
Super man shows his Compassion by throughout every successful iteration of character that one virtue remains constant : he is extremely powerful and endiessly resourceful man motivated by bottomless reservoir of companion to help people in whatever way he can.

So what ? impact :

My modern epic hero which is superman has a lot in common. They share the same traits , they don't give up and they try thier best to help others when needed. Theses epic heros affected my life personally because when I was small I was a big fan of Superman and always wanted to be like him in the future. He affected me by always pushing me to never give up and anything is possible

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