Imagine a room where... NWSRA Snoezelen room

Imagine a room where a child with Autism can feel safe, or a teenager with Asperger’s can relax his mind through a multi-sensory experience, or an adult with Down Syndrome can feel in control and make choices independently. Through technology and innovative design, the Snoezelen® room is a controlled multi-sensory environment that helps to create a therapeutic alliance between the participant and staff as well as a safe place to develop life skills.

Snoezelen Technology

GestureTek Cube: The GestureTek Cube creates a virtual interactive environment which is activated by motion and movement, even an eye-blink. The GestureTek Cube system displays engaging special effects and multimedia games directly onto the floor. This fully interactive floor display unit delivers a hybrid of creative and engaging activities and sensory experiences that stimulates the individual’s imagination as well as lower their anxiety level. Individuals of all ages and ability levels have the opportunity to participate in games that might otherwise be inaccessible. More than 25 applications are included with the system. Applications are designed to spark imagination and natural curiosity while others are designed to teach concepts such as geography, numbers, weather and animals. “Research has consistently proven the substantial benefits of programs using virtual reality and immersive experiences in promoting independence, confidence, cognitive capacity and physical rehabilitation among people with disabilities.” said Ron Kelusky, President of GestureTek Health. Medical research confirms that virtual reality therapy is beneficial for patients with cognitive and physical disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as those recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury and other related cognitive and physical disabilities. Individuals who use the GestureTek Cube have experienced improvement in trunk control, limb use, balance, mobility and gross and fine motor movement. They can also see enhanced cognitive functioning and a greater sense of confidence and empowerment.

Maxi Bubble tube: The Maxi Bubble tube provides multi-sensory feedback and stimulates the visual system, facilitating the participants’ ability to track bubbles and objects. The constant effects of color change are also useful for promoting color recognition and visual perception. Gazing at the bubble tube may enhance the participants’ level of relaxation while touching the tube offers tactile feedback because the vibratory sensations will shiver through their hands. Some reasons that NWSRA participants can benefit from the use of the Maxi Bubble tube are: 1. The calming and soothing nature of a bubble tube will help relax the individual and make them feel at ease. Allowing the participant to “de-escalate” is key to the individual so they can feel in control and more settled with their surroundings. 2. The colors and moving bubbles are stimulating and can help improve visual motor skills and concentration. 3. By stimulating the senses, you will encourage spatial awareness, touching and interaction with their environment.

Sensory Magic:  Sensory Magic is the brain of the sensory room. Its touch screen computer system’s interactive panel allows the therapist to create image, sound, temperature, aroma and color-coordinated themes for learning, therapy, relaxation, and more. Sensory Magic empowers the participant to explore their sensory world and adapt their environment to meet their needs. When physical exploration is prohibited by a disorder or disability, Sensory Magic can bring the environment to the room, utilizing many senses. All activities within the Snoezelen® room are recorded and reported through the computer system of Sensory Magic. These reports allow the therapists to understand the changes in the participant’s well-being and critically analyze how care can be improved. These reports will be shared with family members in order to assist them with behavior issues at home.

Mega Pod: The Mega Pod is an interactive panel that combines touch and sound technology that encourages interaction and focus. Users can play music, move shapes, create kaleidoscope effects, trace shapes or play memory games. The Mega Pod is excellent for higher functioning individuals; it encourages interaction and goal setting. All applications are fully interactive either by touching the screen or using the built-in microphone.

Bumpas with vibrations: These are soft, vinyl objects that are secured to the walls which vibrate when touched. Vibrations have many therapeutic benefits for people of all ages, with or without disabilities or sensory processing disorders. For the under-sensitive individual, the Bumpas can provide the absolute necessary input to help calm and regulate their system. For the oversensitive individual, the Bumpas can be a tool to help increase their tolerance to tactile input.

Thank you to the following for making the Snoezelen® room possible through your grants and support: Astellas USA Foundation, Elk Grove Township, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove, Rotary Noon Club of Arlington Heights, Schneider Electric North America Foundation, Special Leisure Services Foundation, Zurich NA

Contact NWSRA today: 847-392-2848 or www.nwsra.org

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