Adaptations by lucy

We are looking at the different kinds of adaptations. Our plant adaptation Waratah. Our animal adaptation Bilby.

Bilby Adaptations

Bilbies are nocturnal and are blind. So there hearing and sense of smell is very high. They have powerful forelimbs and very strong claws to dig and burrows. Their strong forelimbs help them run very fast to get away from danger. Bilbies live in the heart of Australia, in the desert. So they don't need much to drink at all. Bilbies species is called '' Macrotis''. Way back to colonisation there was a kind of bilby called the Greater Bilby. It is believed that it was prosecuted because it was always in crops .

Waratah, with this one I did something different. I have explained adaptations on a diagram.


Created with images by Violet_Kitty - "waratah telopea proteaceae" • jennifrog - "Waratah" • Jack Slack - "Foraging bilby" • PublicDomainImages - "mutica macrotis vulpes"

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