Tundras Northern Scandanavia

Climate of the tundras in Scandanavia

Average Rainfall: 6-10 inches

Average Temperature: -11 degrees celsius

General Description: The scandinavian tundra has two seasons a winter season which lasts most of the year and a summer season.

Net Primary Productivity

Net The Polar tundra has very infertile soil therefore not many things are able to be grown. This is because of the permafrost liar that exist in the Polar tundra. The latitude of the biome is at 60 degrees. The diversity of the biome may be less than those of a tropical rain forest but the are many spices that have thrived on the harsh environment.

Soil Quality

The soil quality in the tundra is awful almost nothing can grow there because of the lair of permafrost.

The pine trees in the tundra are an Invasive species and were introduced for the forestry business and now take more resources and decreese biodiversity.

The Arctic fox is one of many endangered species that live in the tundra. One of the reasons the fox is endangered is because its territory is being invaded by the larger red fox.

The cariou is one of the most successful animals in the arctic tundra. One of their adaptations is that they migrate outside of the area to find warmer weather.

The arctic ground squirrel is a spices tha thas adapted very well to its environment. They do something called the tundra glide to decrease their detection.

This is a Norwegian Lemming and they live in the scandinavian Tundra and have become quite successful. to survive they hide underground until the elongated winter has ended and then migrate to the more stable surface.

75% of Arctic moss is covered in permafrost and the moss survives by storing all the energy they get so when the summer season comes around they can grow new leaves quickly and photosynthesize more.

Bearberries are a species of dwarf shrub and they have adapted by having silky hairs to keep it warm.

Labrador tea has adapted by curling up in the winter to minimize wind chill.


Created with images by Makuahine Pa'i Ki'i - "Washington DC--October 18 2007--Museum of Natural History--Artic Fox" • Hamed Saber - "Caribou" • AlaskaNPS - "Arctic Ground Squirrel - Spermophilus parryii" • Leo-setä - "Lemming" • Kitty Terwolbeck - "Wet wet wet - soggy hiking ground" • Andrea Pokrzywinski - "Bear Berry and Willow" • pellaea - "Bog Labrador Tea"

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