The World According to Mack M It's a big place!



I believe globalization has made many states/economies stronger. However, as markets like China and India or regions like South East Asia have raised the profile the former leading nations are relatively less strong than 30 years. It has also helped many people out of poverty.

Mount Everest is it worth the clime or not? I think it is because it is the tallest. Mount in the world. Also you wold have bragging rights. Another thing is you wold know you claimed the talles mountain in the world and accomplished something


What does it mean to be a good Citizen?

What is a good citizen? Being a good citizen means following the laws and knowing your responsibilities. You also have rights as a citizen. You have freedom of speech and the right to vote. You have the right to get a good education and to assemble groups and communities. Some of your responsibilities are to go to school. You also have to be tolerant of other people. You also have a responsibility to not litter.. The American soldiers fought for these rights during the Revolutionary War.

What is the most effective style of government and why?

The most effective style of government is democracy because in democracy people have a say in what happens. They feel protected by laws, and they are treated equally. In the US, we have a democracy, and people are involved in the government. They vote for representatives to make laws. All of the people agree on the laws so they follow them. If they do not follow them, the constitution tells people what will happen. In a democracy people feel protected and safe because they have laws that are enforced. The government has to follow the laws, too.

Democracy is the most effective type of government because everyone is involved and has the chance to change the laws if they don't like the system. In the US, there is a representative democracy and people vote for representatives and the representatives can vote to change laws. The yst m works very well and people are happy.

How do people adapt to living in the desert?

People adapt to living in the desert in two important ways. Clothing and staying close to an oasis are both adaptations that people use to survive in the Sahara.Clothing is very important because people need to wear it to protect themselves from the wind, the sun and the sand.The clothes must be baggy clothes and have bright colors.

This is because if the clothes are baggy, they are comfortable and people won't get too hot. Clothes have to cover up most of their body and face so they don't get burned. The colors should be bright because dark colors attract the sun more. Staying near an oasis is smart because there are many resources at an oasis.

The resources at an oasis are water, food, trees like the date palm and baobab trees. An oasis also has building materials and tools and also traders come through and sell or trade many materials. Special clothing and being close by to an oasis are ways to adapt to the desert so people can survive.

Nomads living in a dessert pack all of their belongings on animals and move around a lot.

What forces work for and against supporting cooperation among nations?

There are many forces that work for and against supranational cooperation between nations in the European Union. The Euro is a force that works for cooperation because it gives all the countries a common currency.Having a common currency is important because trade is easier and travel is easier. People from one country can aisle go to the other if their is no hassle with currency exchange. A force that works against cooperation is all the different languages. There are 20 different languages or more in the EU countries. when you have different languages it is hard to communicate. In conclusion, there are many forces at work both for and against supranational cooperation.

The governments of the European Union formed the European Parliment

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

If a country has something that is valuable like oil, it can sell it to other countries and make lots of money. Then the citizens of that country will be richer and they can make better health care. People live longer with good doctors and health care and then the standard is higher. Also babies live instead of dying and that is better for the citizens too. It is not always good because some countries have bad governments and the leaders make poor decisions and then the people don't get any of the money to help them.

This is an oil machine in the ocean and it brings up oil from underneath the ocean.


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