School of Strategy and Leadership Alumni Newsletter No 2 - January 2017


Dr Richard Woodward, Senior Lecturer at SSL, is currently conduction research on tax havens. He says:

“Prior to the global financial crisis of 2007-08 tax havens and the related issues of tax avoidance and evasions rarely made the headlines. Likewise academic research tended to treat tax havens as an exotic sideshow, remote from everyday life and broader developments in the global economy. However, as leaked documents from Switzerland, Luxembourg and Panama testify nothing could be further from the truth. In recent decades tax havens have become integral parts of the global economic landscape whose existence is central to the strategies of major states and corporations. My research examines the efforts of the international community, led by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), to clampdown on tax abuses by rich individuals and corporations. During the last five years especially the OECD has made enormous strides in the field of tax transparency. Over 100 states have committed to its standards on the automatic exchange of personal tax information and to engage in its Base Erosion and Profit Shifting program designed to reduce the ability of multinational companies to artificially move profits to low tax jurisdictions. Despite these commitments however, the OECD projects face many obstacles, not least facing down the opposition of the transnational tax planning industry and the growing discord amongst leading states on the issue. “

Dr Richard Woodward, Senior Lecturer

For more information on Richard’s research or to contact:

Twitter: @r_woodward162


Research Gate:



School of Strategy and Leadership has launched new Master of Science (MSc) Programmes this academic year. Previously the School offered only MSc in International Business. This academic year onwards, the School added to its MSc portfolio the below programmes:

MSc International Business Management

MSc Cyber Security Management

MSc International Business Logistics

MSc Project Management

Most of the MSc programmes are offered for starting in three semesters. For instance, students have a choice for application to start in September, January or May intakes according their personal circumstances. MSc programmes are also offered in full-time or part-time basis allowing for flexibility in learning.

Even though, they have recently been launched, there have been quite high interest in our MSc programmes. We currently have around 200 students in MSc IB, 150 students in MSc IBM, 30 students in MSc IBL, 20 students in MSc PM and expect around 20 students in MSc CSM which is starting in January 2017.

We aim to give in-depth information to our Alumni about each of our MSc programmes. Thus, in this Newsletter, we provide the below information for MSc Project Management. Below is a short note from the Course Editor Ms Edyta Kostanek.

“The MSc Project Management programme will teach you how to be effective leaders in the field of project management and how to address the complex issues currently facing project managers in a variety of organisational settings. You will understand the strategic value of project management to businesses and will graduate with a skill set that will enable you to be senior project managers, or researchers, and have the relevant soft skills to work with and manage a wide variety of stakeholders. A key feature of this course is that you will be exposed to Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2). PRINCE2 is the de-facto process-based methodology for effective management of projects across the world. You will obtain skills and knowledge on this programme that will assist you in going onto take the PRINCE2 qualification. Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) are embedded into the programme to allow you to understand the nature of social responsibility and ethical leadership in the field of project management. You will also have opportunities to engage with Project Managers from industry to support theoretical concepts and frameworks, and/or work on real projects gaining valuable experience through the internship module.”

Please contact Ms Edyta Kostanek for any questions on MSc PM.


Alternatively, you can reach to information on the below link:

MSc Project Management

Contact us

We would love to hear your views. For publication of your short contributions to SSL Alumni Newsletter, for comments or questions, or to make enquiries regarding our mentoring activities, gifts and sponsorship please contact

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Dr David Ellis

Dr Esin Yoruk

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