Raid 7 John Krall

For my build I chose to do some of the buildings in bikini bottom. I decided to just focus on the houses of Patrick, Spongebob, and Squidward. I didn't know what I wanted to do for my build at first but after watching some of the other presentations go I decided wanted to do a cartoon.

I first started the build by looking for a place that was sandy. This was where I came across one of my first challenges, because I couldn't find one that worked very well. So instead, I filled in the surrounding area with sand blocks and started building Patrick's house.

To start Patrick's house, I first dug a hole in the ground about the size I wanted to make his rock. I then started to make other rooms of his house like his bedroom and kitchen.

The rooms of his house in the pictures I looked at from the cartoon always showed his rooms in his house differently so I had to make up some of the stuff on my own.

The show does however always show his couch so I made that in this picture and also started to build the rock portion of the house.

Next I started to build Squidward's House. His house was a little more complex and one of the challenges I came across was having to try to add as much detail as I could into the house while using blocks. One of the things I was able to do was use stairs as seats and put a door on two blocks to make it look like a refrigerator.

Once that was completeI built the first story, I built the room where Squidward usually paints and then his room on the third floor.

After Squidward's house I started building Spongebobs where I had some difficulties trying to make the shape of a pineapple. After a little trial and error I was able to find a shape I liked.

Once I had found the right shape the rest of the build wasn't very bad, I just again had some problems with trying to make all the detail from the cartoon.

The finished product:


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