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Local television newscasts experiencing decreases in viewers

Since 2015, local television newscasts have experienced viewership decreases in all three primary time slots (morning news, early evening news and late night news). These decreases have been seen by ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC affiliated local television newscasts. Late night news has seen the most decrease with an average of 5% drop in 2015 and a 22% decrease since 2007. Morning and early evening newscasts also, on average, have decreased 2% as compared to 2014. Fox, unlike NBC, CBS and ABC, in many cases airs their own local television newscasts at 7:00am and 10:00pm. Fox local broadcasts have shown success, with overall increase in viewership by 16% since 2010. This is believed to be because Fox airs their local broadcasts while NBC, CBS and ABC are airing national broadcasts.

Advertisements aired by local television newscast are a large source of revenue

Advertising are a major component to local television newscasts annual revenue. 85% of news-producing stations revenue comes from the advertisements presented. Another contributor to local television newscasts revenue is re-transmission fees. Re-transmission fees are payments from cable and satellite systems so they are enabled to carry local channels. This estimated revenue was 6.3 billion dollars in 2016.

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