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King Tutankhamen

King Tutankhamen one of my truly best and youngest Pharaoh. King Tutankhamen was born in 1341B.C. King Tutankhamen had a golden mask that was 21 inches in height.King Tutankhamen was a pharaoh of the 18 dynasty, of his royal family. King Tutankhamen was 8-9 years old when he started his time as pharaoh

Egyptian Fast Facts

It took 20,000-30,000 people to work on the pyramid of Khufu located in Giza, and it took 20 years to build! My people, the Egyptians came up with different ways to tell time. The bricks to build the temples were 2.5 tons = 5000 Pounds. The family was always the most important.

The Nile River

The Nile River was important to the Egyptians because around it has fertile ground. A shipbuilding industry was centered bring goods/food to Egypt for the Egyptians. The Nile River provided Egypt’s settlers, the Egyptians with Food,Water,land for growing crops, and a method of transportation. The Nile River Goes Through Egypt Completely And Also Four Other Rivers. When The Nile River Flooded Each Year It Left Behind Silt.

Egyptian Landmark

Pyramids were mud brick temples. Pyramids got destroyed over time by floods or reuse. Most land marks that are still around today are on higher elevations and drier ground. The largest temple was made of 2,300,000 bricks.


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