The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Through the eyes of the beholder

Upon entering the theatre, one of the first things I noticed were the large props, which represented the steel construction commonly used in the early 20th century. With this I immediately knew the time period in which the play took place. My friend and I sat off centered on the left hand side of the stage. This view gave us a different focal point through out the play than most others in the audience, emphasizing secondary, supportive characters more than the main characters who were usually front and center on the stage.

Once the lights dimmed and the audience quitted, the show was surely to begin. Not knowing anything about the play, I was genuinely curious to see what this play was going to be about. The size of the auditorium was just big enough to make you feel insignificant, but just small enough to allow for the actors voices to be projected across the entire theater with ease.

A sense of place is a critical part of the good life. Where you are born and raised can give you a different out look on life. Someone like myself who grew up on the beaches of South Florida, often believes that the environment and nature should be conserved at any cost, yet someone who grew up in a major city up north surrounded by heavy economic activity, may view the environment as a business opportunity and exploit it for profit.

I attend the performance with my friend McKenzie (pictured previously). Attending the performance with a close friend allowed her and I to connect our previous memories with certain scenes in the play and it also allowed us to create a new memory together. Getting ready for the play I chose a proper outfit following the theater etiquette guidelines posted. However, I underestimated the length of the play and chose not to eat dinner before hand (mistake).

I believe the central issue of the play was the freedom of expression and the oppression of this right by certain entities in our society. In the play the entity was played by the church, but applying this theme to my life, that role is currently being carried out by the newly elected government and their quest to suppress facts and opposition voices. Before attending the play I knew most of what the performance touched on as i have taken many history classes before. The Catholic church was once an entity against science and reason, it prevented its followers from reading certain books (the Index) and deemed anything involving temptation or diverging from the path of the churches interpretation of the Bible as the work of satan. The play did not effect my views on the subject matter.

The performance allows for a catharsis within the audience by presenting the socially real, yet very uncomfortable fact that not every aspect of the church, or capitalism, is sunny and flowery. It shows that there are inherently wrong doctrines in the religious communities and in capitalistic societies that can have a negative impact on the people who adhere to them. The selfishness shown by the shoe factory owner was a perfect example to tie into todays corporate greed. Companies today only seem to care about the green of their wallets and not the green of the planet. Just as the factory owner only cared for the health of his wealth and not the health of his workers. The play presents these issues to the audience and it is up to us to act on these clearly harmful aspects of our society and replace these horrendous habits with newer and cleaner methods to improve the society as a whole and not just our individual selves.

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