We Hate Everyone By Type O Negative

Bloody Kisses

1993 | Metal

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“The left they say I'm a fascist, the right calling me communist. -- Hate hate hate hatred for all, one and all, no matter what you believe. -- Don't believe in you, and that's true.”


  • The album hit #266 on the billboard 200.
  • This song was removed from Bloody Kisses on its re-release but added back for a 2009 double disc version.
  • A cover version of Seals & Crofts' "Summer Breeze".is on the album, it was going to be called "Summer Girl" with different lyrics, but Seals & Crofts found the lyrics to "Summer Girl" distasteful.


Luke Tatum

Marching ahead, thick skinned, against the will of the outrage-seeking public. That's something worth admiring. Now then, do I "hate everyone?" Of course not. If anything, I spend my time searching for people I can find any common ground with. But you can certainly at least appreciate why someone might adopt the "hate everyone" attitude, right? If you're going to call me derogatory names no matter what I do, from birth 'til death, based on skin color or political alignment, then you know what? Screw you too, buddy. Move on, because my mission is bigger than your petty name calling.

Sherry Voluntary

I felt like the guy who wrote this song was writing my life. Like I'm sure, most of you, I've been called every name in the book. (If you haven't, wtf are you doing with your life?) Most people find it very difficult to understand you if you don't follow the talking head messages they they move in lockstep to, that is, if they are seeking to understand at all. Most folks seem to only be after an idealogical circle jerk. I'm guilty of it at times, and it can be an easy trap to fall into, even for anarchists. Humans are, after all, social creatures and we all want to be liked and have community. It's not fun for most people to be ridiculed and called names, but if we care about speaking the truth then we're gonna make some folks unhappy. Gotta grow a thick skin to be in the game of changing culture, and learn how to let the bad stuff roll off you. The last line says "we don't care what you think." I think this is both true and false. I literally care what people think, that's why I'm trying to change their minds, but I also have to not care what they think in order to speak up and let them hate me and get angry. It's a double edged sword, but it's the nature of the game and I'd rather play than sit on the sidelines.

Nicky P

If these lyrics don't mark the attitude we all must embody these days, wow. The mantra of every liberty minded person on the internet is batting away the barbs thrown at us from the people that fall on the 2 dimensional version of the political ideology matrix. I find the left right thing laughable personally. Still there is something heartening about knowing that someone could write this song back in the 90's. It's sad that culture has gotten past this nonsense but i suppose it's a positive it's not farther along. As a song let me just say, you need more type-o-negative in your life in general.

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Nicky P

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