The Snowman By:Spencer



Three kids were jumping in the snow in the small town of Paperville. They all lived in the house that was right next to the only uninhabited house in the town. “Hey let's go play in that yard.” said one as he pointed to the unused house. “It has fresh snow.” “Good idea!” says another as they walk through the bushes to the other yard. “Hey, where's Phil? says one as they realize that they were missing their brother. “Who cares? Look!” In the yard was a snowman. It was the biggest snowman the boys had ever seen. It stood at eight feet tall, and wore a bowler hat. It's expression was happy, as buttons created his smile. “Lets climb this thing!” said one as they began to climb. A few moments later, Phil, the other brother, came through the bushes. “Guys?” he said as he looked around the yard. No sign of his brothers. Just a snowman.


Why do I live next to the creepiest house in Paperville? I have no idea. Me and my family moved here about 2 months ago and I hate living next to this house. The town is beautiful, lots of tall pine trees, covered in so much snow you can barely see the tree. Long paths, always getting shoveled so you can actually walk on them. The smell of pine is always there, even if you can't see the trees. It snows all year in Paperville. No one knows why. Even the weatherman can't explain it. I am fine with the snow, I just don't like the area of our house. Me, my brother Will(who's a bit of a wimp), and my friend Phil(who's the best soccer player and nicest person in the grade.) all think that house is haunted. It has never had anyone live in it, and yet it still looks so beaten up. Tomorrow is a weekend at least. I'm looking forward to that…

"Pass!” said Phil as me, him and Will played soccer in our backyard. It is very hard to play soccer in a foot of snow, but we manage. “I got it!” says Will as he runs and kicks it over the fence, into the yard of the creepy house. “How are are we gonna get that?” says Phil fearfully. “Hahaha!” says my sister Amy. “You guys are such scaredy cats!” says Amy. Just then the ball flies over the bushes and hits Amy in the face, knocking her donut out of her hand. While me, Phil, and Will were laughing our heads off, Amy's face turned red and she

kicked the ball over the bushes. I watched as the ball went sailing into an opened window of the house. “Really?!?!” I was like a bloodhound on a dead carcass. I was determined to get that ball. I start trudging through the snow to get the ball. I turned around “Are you guys comin?” I asked. Unwillingly, Will and Phil ran to catch up with me. I really didn't want to go into that house, but that was my only ball.

As we got through the bushes, I saw the biggest snowman I had ever seen. It arms were longer than mine, with cleverly made hands on the ends that held snowballs. It had on a red scarf, and a blue bowler hat. The thing that stood out the most though was that is was standing about eight feet tall. It had a devilish grin on its face, like it was satisfied with something that it did. We walked past it, and Will whimpered a little bit. I felt bad because when he was younger he fell off a roof into a snowman and hit his head on a rock used for its eye and really hurt himself. We went up to the door, and surprisingly, it was unlocked.

We went inside, and saw the weirdest house I had ever seen. It had so many cobwebs that it looked like it was made from silk. The furniture was all beaten up, and the stairs were broken. The walls were painted black, so it was hard to see, but there were little signs that said “No Fire” on them. “Why no fire?” asked Phil. “Dunno” I said as I cleared off a window that had green stuff on it. What? I thought as a realized that the snowman wasn't there. I swear… never mind. I must have been looking on the wrong side. “Anyone have any light?” I asked. “I can't see anything.” “I have a lighter but is says no fire..” said Phil.

“Just use it.” I said. As soon as he clicked it on, a moaning noise came from outside. I went to the front door and tried to open it. It opened slightly, then closed again. Me and Phil turned to each other and realized that there was something on the other side of the door. Oh no. I looked through the window and saw something that made me think “We’re dead”; the side of a blue bowler hat. “Run!” I screamed as the door burst open revealing the snowman.

All three of us bolted up the broken stairs and into a room. I looked around and we all gasped as we saw 2 bodies sitting in the corner. “Past victims…” Will whimpered. “Look! The ball!” I said as I rushed to the corner to get it. “Who cares anymore!” screamed Phil.“The snowman is here!” I turned to see a head poke through the door. The snowman's smile got wider. We’re done… I thought. As I slid down the wall, I read the side of the ball: FLAMMABLE. Maybe… I thought. “Phil give me the lighter!” I screamed. As he chucked it to me, the snowman picked him up and threw him down the stairs. “Phil!” cried Will. I took the lighter and set the ball ablaze. I knew I had to go fast or my hand would roast. I dropped the ball, and volleyed it into the snowman's stomach.

It went right through him and hit the wall behind him. As the snowman sank to the floor, the curtains caught on fire from the ball. Me and Will sprinted out of that room and grabbed Phil, who was still dazed. We jumped through the bushes as the house burned down.

2 days later…

Everyone in the town thought it had just burned down from the wood inside being too dry or something. But I know the real story. But as I went to check the wreckage, I noticed something on the road. I ran over to it and realized it was a trail of snow and a blue bowler hat.

That's the reason why I now hate snowmen. So if you don't see me at the snowman contest, you'll know why…


I saw the new boy move into the house. He better watch out. It turns out the snowman had a family...

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