Athletes Payment Cassie Everett

Tons of people love watching professional athletes play the sports that they do. All different age groups love sports. Kids, teens, adults, and even elders all can love watching professional athletes play sports. But, there has been many debates recently about whether professional athletes are getting paid too much for what they do. Athletes work and train hard for their job, they do many amazing things for their fans, and they will inspire many people around the world. Athletes do so much good to the world, that they very much deserve all of the money that they make.

Athletes work hard and train a lot for their job. This research project that was done showed that on average, athletes will only get 2-6 weeks off of training and all the work they do per year. 2-6 weeks is a very small fraction of the time compared to the amount of time that athletes would train. Also, most of that time off will most likely just be catching up with everything that they missed while training like spending time with their family, catching up on errands, and relaxing and resting their bodies since it is not good to work your body without rest. Possibly, athletes will not even have much time to themselves at all. Some may say that 2-6 weeks is a long time to be off of work, but many other jobs will offer 2 weeks of paid vacation/ time off, and some sick days. Also, the athletes may not be resting the whole time that they are off. For example, a 2012 Olympic bronze and gold medalist, DeeDee Trotter, spent a lot of her break from training heading to photo shoots, fashion shows, and speaking appearances, so her break wasn’t all just relaxing to herself. Overall, athletes do so much, and train/ work hard for their jobs.

Athletes will do little things for their fans like taking pictures with them and giving them autographs, but some athletes will go all out to do stuff for their fans. For example, Maya Moore, a professional basketball player, invited a girl with lupus, a disease that cause skin inflammation to his practice. Also, Matt Kemp, a professional baseball player, flew a cancer patient to a Dodgers game. There is also many more occasions where athletes have went all out for their fans. Some may say that athletes will barely do big stuff for their fans, but there has been tons of occasions where athletes have went all out, and even if not every athlete does something like that, most will still do little things for their fans, and that could mean a lot to them. Having an athlete do even something so simple as signing ball for their fans can mean so much to them, and many athletes will do a lot for their fans.

Many people will look up to athletes as a role model and an inspiration, and the people may try to be like them, so the athlete inspired them to get up and try something they may have never tried before. For example, many people will watch the athletes in the Olympics and aspire to be like them. There’s even a charity called Power2Inspire that helps all different types of people come together and take up a sport. Most of the people that do this are because they are inspired to do so by athletes. Athletes could even seem like heroes to some children because the children will see the athlete doing so well at a sport that the kid may love. Also, if people do not look up to athletes, they may hate on the athlete. So that means, athletes will have to deal with all of the hate that they get, and it could be a lot which could make them feel really bad about themselves. Some may say that athletes won’t make anyone do anything, but that is wrong because some people will look up to an athlete so much, that they will want to be like them in every way possible. Athletes inspire people to try something they may have never tried before.

In conclusion, athletes deserve every single penny that they get paid. Athletes work and train hard to be good at the sport that they play. Athletes will do many amazing things for their fans that could mean so much to them. Finally, athletes are an inspiration to many, and they could help inspire someone to try something that they may have never tried before. Athletes also entertain many different people in all different age groups, and do so many other amazing things. Athletes bring so much joy, happiness, inspiration, and entertainment into the world, so because of that, they deserve all the money that they earn.


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