Dogs V.s Cats By: Dominick

Dogs and cats have been at war with each other for ages. Now their owners are too, but in different ways. Dog owners refuse to get cats because they judge them by what they do. Same thing is happening with cat owners they believe dogs are destructive and reckless. When really they are not that different so long as they are trained properly.

cats and dogs both react differently while left alone

Being thoughtful about the pet you pick is very important. If no thought is put into the pet you pick it could result in shredded curtains or unintentional bites or attacks. Just like babies animals crave attention most times pets will do develop habits that get them attention. The key to being a happy pet owner is to give your pet your undivided attention. If you do give you pet all this attention they will provide benefits to you.

Some of the benefits that come with owning a dog. If you choose a dog that suites you then that dog will protect there owner with there life. If trained properly your dog will detect deadly predators before they have time to attack you. Dogs don't have a very strong sense of taste; so when it comes to their food they depend on their keen sense of smell. Dogs can also attack on command just in case you are in those situations often.

Cats are mostly thought of as lazy and useless but thats not true. Cats originate from lions,tigers,cheetahs house cats are smaller but are just as useful. They are very good at keeping rodents away or small animals like possums or raccoons. Even if you keep them in side they will comfort you and they are good with kids.

So dogs are loyal protecters, cats are loving companions. What do they both have in common, they are domesticated. They both will stand by your side through thick and thin but they each have different ways of showing it. Cats will play with you and keep you warm at night. Dogs will protect you and your belongings. But in the end, it's just a matter of opinion which one is better.


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