The Stetson Promise 2020-2021

1. At Stetson University we promise a 4-year-plan and the advising you need to graduate in four years or less. Our Advising Course Plan will guide you through each step.

If through no fault of your own you are unable to graduate in four years or less, Stetson will cover the cost of tuition for up to one full semester to finish your degree

2. At Stetson University we promise that every student will put "theory into practice" through internships or other high-impact, practical learning experiences.

Experiential Learning Experiences

Study Abroad

Study abroad can take you to places you never dreamed you might see, (such as Mayan ruins), and expand and broaden your life experience.
Study abroad can expose you to new cultures and people you might have never encountered.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement allows you to take leadership positions and collaborate with community organizations (such as raising $20,000 for My Angel with Paws).

Faculty-Student Research

Faculty-student research provides students with opportunities to participate in ongoing laboratory studies that may lead to participation in publication and presentations.

Field Research

And field research gives students direct observation into real-world circumstances and situations they might not encounter in the classroom.

Performance Requirements

The School of Music is undergraduate only, includes performance and academics and all music students are required to complete a full complement of performances to graduate.


Internships offer students the opportunity to experience real, career and working conditions within their field of study and beyond.
INTERNSHIPS ARE CRITICAL: 88% of those responding found an internship to be very helpful in preparing them for the workplace. 55% of respondents indicated they had completed an internship while working on their Stetson degree, and more than a third completed more than one internship.

3. At Stetson University we promise you will experience excellent faculty in outstanding and distinctive academic programs.