30-Day 1-1 Online English Bootcamp 2 paces, no grammar, 100% custom-made & practical

A solid and scientifically-proven method that I have used for over + 12 years of my life, to help people from all over the world master English in less time, but having more fun, than the majority of the population still struggling to get this language.

Hi, I am Daiana Radulescu, Communication Specialist, Personal Development Coach, Yoga Teacher and Non-Formal Educator, and I have been speaking English ever since I was 4 years old.

And during the past + 12 years of my life, I have been teaching English to kids and to adults, to professionals and to top management, to Romanians and to foreigners, mostly online, while using my own copyright method.

Today, during this time of crisis, I quickly put up this course because I want to help you learn English in the fastest, easiest and most pleasurable way you could have ever imagined, so you will be fully prepared for whatever happens in the work market in the following months.

Get your english to the next level

Why Now?

Now, more than ever, you want to make sure that your level of English is higher than that of your competitors and that English will be the differentiating factor, in case you have to chance your job, your residence or to extend to new markets.

In the actual world scenario, more and more businesses MUST take a quantum leap into the digital market, if they want to survive.

Which means people and companies, employee and employers will have to quickly shift to the online market.

And guess what? The moment you leave the borders of your actual market, just as if you were travelling abroad, ENGLISH becomes the internally language of communication amongst commodities, markets and people.

An on the online market, if you can't properly communicate in English, you basically don't exist.

English is just like money - a gate opener. You have it, your are in. You don't have it, you will be left outside.

So this is THE BEST TIME in the world to QUICKLY - in just 30 days - secure your place in your current job or stand the chance for a new one.

I encourage you to do this no, while you still have this extra time and while are still working from home. I made it so easy, that you can cook and still study English with me, both at the same time.

This online bootcamp comes in 2 versions, depending not so much on your actual level of English, but on the time you can allocate to this 30-Day Online Bootcamp program.

2 Paces of The 30-Day 1-1 Online English Bootcamp, for ALL levels


  • Method presentation
  • Setting up the method in your daily life
  • 2 h/weekendLIVE, 1-1 English classes
  • Weekly fun homework
  • Access to dedicated WhatsApp group with study materials
  • Daily materials to enjoy
  • Dedicated YouTube channel/playlist
  • 2 phone calls/week, for extra conversation

A slow-paced English bootcamp, with 8 monthly hours of online classes and around 2 h extra conversation time, to keep the practice going during the week days.

The feeling? That you are learning English in your sleep...


  • ALL from LIGHT, plus
  • 3 h/weekend + 3 h/week: LIVE, 1-1 online English classes
  • 24/7 assistance with your English tasks from work or with any questions, via email/WhatsApp

Basically, in this fast-paced version of the course, we will hear each other DAILY, which will add up to 32 h of online classes + calls /month, thus English will become part of your life and daily routine - which is the right and easy way to learn any foreign language, by the way.

What's Inside The English Course?


The Method - unique, copyright, 100% custom-made, based on an innate communication ability of humans, that makes studying English feel natural and pleasant.

No Exhausting Grammar Lessons - you will learn grammar as you listen and speak more, + my feedback + my 3-page-only zero-stress grammar leaflet. :)

Only 1-1 Live Sessions - 8 h or 24 h/month; we schedule the calls and meet online, on WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom. Just you and me, so you can learn exactly what YOU need to learn.

100% Custom-Made English Classes - no class is like the other, so I don't use any manuals, there are no scripts. I adapt to each and every student, evaluating their level, their personal or career needs, their talents and their passions.

Fun Homework: no writing involved, you will just have to do something that ALL THE PEOPLE in the world LOVE to do (secret!).

BONUS: 1 or 2 group sessions, to practice your speaking skills while socializing with learners, just like you.

What Benefits Do I Get After The 30-Day English Bootcamp?

No matter the level you are at right now, you will be AT LEAST one level up - and that is guaranteed!

If you are A1 now, you will become A2, if you are B2, your will become C1. Although I will never ask you to take any of these tests, I am just trying to give you an example.

The 2 main areas we will focus on are the SPEAKING and LISTENING SKILLS - these cause most of the blockages.

You will have the vocabulary to handle every level of English conversations! No need to hide when someone asks you to do an English presentation, to greet a customer or to write to the manager. Be it at your work place, or in your personal life, you will be able to express your ideas and shine.

Don't ever again freeze and panic when asked a question! You will be able to understand a lot easier what others tell/ask you and you will learn how to reply to them by using a simple trick that most people don't even realize.

Don't ever again feel ashamed by your broken English! You will learn grammar by speaking and listening, not by memorizing grammar books! This means you will never make silly grammar mistakes again and you will be able to speak with full confidence.

Love the process of learning! Instead of waking up and feeling dreadful to study English, you will be looking forward to talking to the online meetings, because you will learn in the most natural and friendly way possible. It will be like doing a fun activity together, except we do it in English :)

Are you ready to onboard onto this 30-Day 1-1 English Challenge?

If so, I guarantee you that at the end of the 30 Days, you will be 1-level-up, no matter what your actual English level is.

I also guarantee you 100% that if you stick to my method, you will be able to learn any other foreign language just as quickly and easily as English - it's the principle of learning that matters, right?

I also guarantee you that if you "follow" everything I say, but somehow don't get results, it means you are not actually following my proven method by the book. It means your are not doing your fun part at home. In which case, let's see how coachable you are and how ready you are to follow this simple method for 30 days.

How Do I Know If I Am A Good Fit For The 30-Day Online English Bootcamp?

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Are you coachable?
  2. Can you follow a solid method without doubting it?
  3. Were you able to read this text so far and to understand it somewhat?
  4. Do you have an urgency for learning English right now?
  5. Do you have a big motivation for starting this course?
  6. Can you set aside 2 or 6 hours per week for this challenge?
  7. Have you tried learning English in the past and failed?

If you answered with YES for 90% of the above questions, than it means you are a good fit for this program, so please read forward and learn how to enroll.

Cost Or... Investment?!

First of all, there is never a cost when it comes to your personal mastery. What you are about to do right now is called an investment.

Now, let us do the math, considering my very generous flat fee of 19€/hour, and what I am about to offer you, due to this once in a life time (I hope!) world-wide crisis.

LIGHT pace: 25 h/month, Light Version Total = 25 h x 19 EURO = 461€

INTENSE pace: 41 h. Intense Version Total = 41 h x 19€ = 756€

Please remember that this is a premium online course that I can never record, re-market or re-sell, because I do ONLY 1 to 1 Online Sessions for each and every student. I am 100% present, I offer 100% new and custom-made content TO EVERYONE, every time.

Investment Or... Bargain?!

I am offering this 30-Day 1-1 English Bootcamp with the mission of helping others grow their skills and investing in themselves NOW, while we are still working from home, with no time spent on commuting.

This is the time to invest in ourselves.

However, as you may see on the left, I have made your investment a bargain.

Enroll now and thank me later!

How To Enroll And What To Do Next

For enrolment into the LIGHT version of the 1-1 Online English Bootcamp, please click on the below bottom now:

For the INTENSE version of the 30-Day 1-1 English Bootcamp, please use this button:

Your will be redirected to a PayPal page, where you can use your credit card, or your PayPal account.

Once I receive the notification about the payment, I will contact you on the respective email address and announce you that...

congratulation on your choices!

YAY, Your Are Officially In!

We will schedule our first 1-1 call and then, we will pre-book all our 1-1 online English classed during the week and/or the weekend schedule that fits you most.

From day 1, you have 30 days to take advantage of the all hours included in the English Bootcamp you opted for, which means all the classes, calls, group chats or talks included in this 1-1 Online English Bootcamp.

Tiny Questions

  • Do I get to choose when we meet online for the classes?

Pretty much YES, but this is why it's so important that you enroll into this bootcamp NOW, because I will block my calendar on the principle first-come-first-served. I will let you know my current schedule and we can both decide on what suits you best.

  • What if I miss an online class? Can we reschedule it?

Hey, life is hectic and busy for everyone these days, I get it. Provided it doesn't happen more than 2-3 times in a month, your online English classes can be reschedule with a prior notification.

  • How much extra time do I have to allocate at home to get the most out of this bootcamp?

This is totally up to you, but if you enroll on the LIGHT version of this course, I suggest around 15'-30'/day for your own practice. 15' are mandatory, 30' are super good and 1h/day is OUTSTANDING! Some of this time will also be with me, on the phone calls, remember?

But if you really want to reduce the practice time on your own, just opt for the INTENSE version of the English Bootcamp - where we will talk EVERY SINGLE DAY, be in during a call or an online class. This way, you won't have to do anything else on your own, at home, plus you will have me to keep you accountable throughout the full 30 days.

One Final Thing: Is This For Everyone?

Yes and... no. I will explain right now.


Yes, this bootcamp is for everyone of ANY level of English, although it is a lot more suitable for those with a minimum to intermediate level of English comprehension.

Yes, it is for employees from all fields of work that need English in their daily jobs or for a future, better job.

Yes, it is for professionals, public sector workers, freelancers, middle and top management, CEOs, NGO employees, entrepreneurs.

Yes, it is for career women or working-from-home mommies.

Yes, it is for teachers, professors or educational leaders that use or have to teach English to others.

Yes, it is for students - although please remember I teach English as a tool for personal growth and not for certain exams of English certificates.

Yes, It is for facilitators, public speakers, actors, artists, consultants,psychologists, trainers and any category of people that have to deliver messages in English to their audiences.

Yes, this 30-day online bootcamp is ESPECIALLY for those who want to increase not just their English level, but also their self-confidence, self-respect, self-awareness, self-performance, and self-mastery.

Yes, it is for the smart people that truly think learning should be easy, fun, creative and recreational, even if we are all adults now.

Last but not least, yes, this bootcamp is for all those people that struggled for ages to learn English and never got too far, even getting to believe there was something wrong with them, when actually, they were just using the wrong, obsolete methods that unfortunately still exist on the market...


No, this English bootcamp it is not for those people that will think they will get the promised results even if they don't follow my proven method.

No, it is also not for those that aren't motivated enough to start studying now, and enjoy the benefits in just 1 month later.

No, it is not for the people that expect tons for difficult homework, involving a lot of writing and never-ending grammar exercises.

And no, it's not for those people who are always too busy being busy, always finding excuses for not doing much with their lives, for those that procrastinate and can't recognize a good decision when they have to take one.

See you online

Order Now And Let's Meet Online Tomorrow!

The time is always now.

The faster you start, the sooner you will finish.

I have a saying, when it comes to learning:

Learning should be short, living should be long.

So don't postpone everything else in your life just because you haven't yet finished learning English.

Start learning English NOW and finish it in 30 days!

It's that simple!

See you on the other side...

daiana radulescu


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