Representation Ollie ellen

In Lola, representations could be seen as a hard thing to spot due to the lack of characters. However, both genders are represented in the sequence but not the typical way. In a way it could be seen the that two main characters have switched roles in the sense that, the woman is the successful one with her own business and provides for them both. When stereo-typically it is the man who earns the money to support his wife. We did this to let the audience know straight away that this is no ordinary man and no ordinary relationship. The female gender is portrayed (as mentioned before) in a more 'masculine' way as she is the one going away on 'business trips' and earning the money for the household. The male gender is represented in a mysterious, foreboding way (but once again, this is judged off one character).

Age in Lola. Age could be considered irrelevant to the audience when in fact it is extremely important when designing characters. The characters age can completely manipulate the audiences feelings towards him/her. In Lola Donna is 41 and I believes she acts the way one would expect her to in her situation. Adam is the same age as Donna but acts in a strange way for his age. It isn't considered the norm for a 41 year old man to not to speak to his wife especially when she is going away.

Class. The couple seem to live in a nice new modern house. The sequence is based in a suburban area, our characters are middle class, this is shown through the props and mise-en-scene of the house. Also the fact that Donna is 'going away on business' proves that her profession is successful.

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