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David Wilson traveled to Spain and visited the Plaza de España, which is a historic landmark in the country. He also traveled throughout the rest of Europe, visiting England and Belgium.
David Wilson kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.
Quinn Curren traveled to Utah to work outdoors. On his journey he visited many national parks and beautiful landscapes. Here's a photo at the Escalante National Monument in southern Utah.

“I’ve learned that if I see the big picture and know what it’s benefitting, it will encourage me to work harder,” - Quinn Curren

Zion National Park in southwest Utah. Photo by Quinn Curren.

Most students follow the typical high school to college process without even thinking of the amazing opportunities they could pursue with a little bit of time off. So I highly suggest considering taking a gap year because being successful isn't always defined by your grades in a college class. Adventure, travel and work can open you up to meet new people, help you discover your place in the world and give you a little bit of guidance without even knowing it. These students took a risk, not necessarily because they weren't prepared, but because they knew there was more out there.

Quinn next to a Joshua tree in the Mojave Desert.

The sun setting on the Mojave Desert in Utah.

Al Alcázar, Sevilla Utah.

“A gap year can broaden your horizons, allow you to meet new people and learn all sorts of things that I, being someone who felt ready for college, take as invaluable skills in my everyday life,” - David Wilson

"Gap years are what you make of it and every day can be exactly the adventure you want it to be." - David Wilson
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