How Do Cybersecurity Issues Affect Us?

You might not have seen any new changes happening inside your devices this year, but chances are that strangers you have nothing to do with have access to details such as your name, phone number, address and even your bank account as well, because about 20 billion records were breached in 2021 worldwide.

The more frivolous these activities seem, the heavier their impacts become. Victims of cybersecurity attacks are usually businesses and employees, but recent attacks include users and consumers, in simpler words, people like us. Here’s how these issues affect us.

Decisions, Thoughts and Opinions

Data ranging between social media accounts and emails to sensitive information like preferences and interests, retrieved by hackers is put on the dark web and purchased by political parties and corporations who use it to target the same people through advertising campaigns.

Prolonged interaction with such campaigns has said to affect the thoughts of prospects to such an extent that some of them have allegedly led to mass victories in worldwide elections.

Bank Accounts

Scammers and fraudsters posing as legitimate employees calling users to gain their trust isn’t a new thing.

They ask for User IDs and passwords and win their game gullible users offer their details on a platter. Turns out that their plan remains the same but their methods are becoming more complicated day by day.


Social media is everywhere and a part of our daily lives. But sometimes, unintended or even intended leaks in encrypted chats, calls, videos and every other kind of media has made the users of many social media applications suffer without even knowing.

A popular app called Faceapp hid a condition under its terms and conditions document that gave the company access to users’ gallery and permission to use, modify or sell any image without the user’s knowledge.

Social Life

“Old account hacked; this is the new one”. At least once we come to someone’s Instagram or Facebook account with a bio like this. Such instances make us wonder what the hackers did to their profiles when they weren’t aware of it.

Also, a stalker with wrong intent can easily break into your smartphone using illegal tactics and ruin it in a few seconds.


Cybercrimes drain out the economy like nothing. Data hackers aim for small and large businesses as a priority. Major companies like Yahoo, Uber, 7-eleven, One plus, Equinox, etc. have faced leaks and breaches in the past decade.

Such leaks are major concerns for businessmen, investors and employees of large Multinational Corporations especially since they store millions of user accounts. The global cost of cybercrimes to the economy on a whole is estimated to be $5 Trillion by 2021.