Biking the Virginia Creeper The most beautiful rail-to-trail in the world!

The Virginia Creeper runs from Whitetop, Virginia downhill to Damascus, Virginia and then along the River to Abingdon. From end to end it's a little over 30 miles.
This is the beginning of the trail where the bikes are off loaded
Bikes are carried up to the top on vans. We brought our own bikes but you can also rent them.
Getting ready to head out on the Creeper!
White Top station - the "almost" beginning of the trail. The real beginning is 1 mile back.
The beginning of the trail is at a point where you can see Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. This is the very beginning of the trail, about a mile from the drop off point.
Rhododendrons line the whole trail.
Lovely wild flowers along the trail
There are open spaces on the trail too - very pastoral!
There are a number of scenes like this on the trail.
Green Cove Station - the only "original" station left. It was sold to a private owner by the railroad so it still survives today.
Outside Green Cove Station.
The inside of Green Cove station has been preserved and looks just like it did when it was in operation.
Sara asked the clerk if any of the spice original spice cans were made by J.L. Clark, the Rockford company where her mom worked.

Tools from that era

The station tool room preserved with many of the original tools.
The old coal stove used to heat the station.
Hanging with Grandma outside the station.
One of the many trestles along the trail.
If you have ever wondered where Christmas trees come from, this is one of the places.
One of the little water falls along the trail. Anyone want to cool off?
Mountain bikes are awesome on the trail.
Another RR Trestle. This is a new one built to replace the one destroyed in a tornado. The original one was longer.
Ari took a tumble but he was a trooper and after a little first aid got right back on his bike.
Takin a break by the creek.
The boys were troopers and rode the whole 16 1/2 miles.
Isaac loved petting the horse.
Kudzu along the trail
White Top to Damascus - 16 1/2 miles. What a fun ride!
Hiking around the lake at Bear Tree Campground
This was our campsite at Bear Tree Campground.

The end of our Creeper Adventure

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