The Beginning of a Stronger Tomorrow Erick Martinez and Jesse Carroll

With my partner, Jesse Carroll, (who's blog can be found here we are planning on starting a personal fitness training. As I gain experience for weight lifting, and Jesse becoming a personal trainer. We plan to share our journey through blog form and vlogs via Youtube. We are doing this for two reasons. One, I'd love to gain personal experience in weight lifting, and losing a bit of weight Two, Jesse would be following his passion in the weight lifting, and would be expanding his knowledge in teaching others how to weight lift, and if he teaches well enough, I can become the teacher as well.

Jesse and I have started training, and Boy is it hard. He made me sprint, box jump, and do various other types of workouts (those can be found on our new Instagram webpage, @erickjessefitness20) and you can hopefully support me on this journey to lose weight.

Ive been working out, and dieting for almost two weeks now, and ive currently lost 15 lbs. Ive been working out daily, and trying to push myself to eat less. It's hard, but hopefully it all works out at the end.

My first month of progress was incredible. With fasting, dieting, working out daily, I managed to lose 15 pounds within a month.
How does this effect the community? Glad you asked. people like this show Jesse and I we're doing something right.

Its been almost a month, and ive lost 19 lbs. Ive been going to LA Fitness with friends, and theyve been motivating me to workout harder.

Starting off at 247 lbs, weighing 220 lbs in in 6 weeks? Not bad at all.
As I have been making amazing progress with Jesse, we felt that it was nessacery to take such an appropriate photo.
Our Instagram to show our journey, and to give motivational, and insparational advice.

Today is March 6th, 2017. I have faced my first challenge concerning my health. Because of eating less, and a new diet, it is unusual to my immune system. After reading ( )i realize that this is my first obstacle, as this is very hard for me, and its effecting my health. Because i'm eating less and dieting, I've been hungry, The most effective strategy I’ve come across for combating hunger involves these three steps: 1) Eating on a regular schedule – Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, with meals and snacks no sooner than three and no more than five hours apart. Eating on a regular schedule helps train your body to expect food at these times to better regulate appetite. 2) Including lean protein, plant-based fat and fiber-rich foods at every meal – Each has been show to boost satiety so you feel fuller longer. 3) Getting enough sleep- Adequate sleep should be a key part of your weight-loss program, as getting too little sleep has been shown to increase appetite and boost cravings for fatty and sugary foods.

Today is March 16th, 2017. I will try to blog as much as I can, (you can also find our progress on Instagram , follow us @ErickJesseFitness20) I have overcame the backfire to eating less and healthier. I wanted to share the future of Jesse and My journey, for the course of the next two months. Jesse and I are going to start hiking in the weekends, so we can also explore places we haven't gone before, such as Mt. Rubidox, and hiking up to the 'M' in our community. We plan on documenting more videos on these journeys, and collaborating with fellow students, and their 20% projects as well.


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