Abortion Good or Bad. By Jack Fiala

Abortion been around for thousands of years and is legal in every state in the United States, it has been a hotly debate issue for centuries. An abortion is when doctors cut into the uterus and remove the unborn fetus.

This is a widely controversial topic in the United States because people believe that an abortion is killing while others believe that woman should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies.

Abortion was created because women may be too young to properly take care of a baby or they may not have enough money to go through with a childbirth.

Some states legalized abortion before others, those states California, Oregon, North Carolina, and Hawaii.

While abortion may be a heavily debated issue, there are pros and cons for both sides. Some pros are that having abortion stay legal will make it so that women do not go to not certified doctors because they can no longer go to a hospital. This can be unsafe especially if they are in not sterile environments. A con for abortion is how some consider abortion as killing an innocent human.

"The abortion rates have dropped to the lowest they ever have since the historic Roe V Wade" says the Guttmacher Institute, an institute that supports legalizing abortion.

There are many organizations who want to make abortion illegal but one that scares people the most is the Trump organization, all of them are anti-abortion. It scares people because they have the power to defund planned parenthood which is a way for woman to go in and get help either to get pregnant or to get an abortion. Woman turn to abortion when they can not take/afford time off of work to care for their child.

Abortion is legal in every states, all though abortion is harder to get in some states then it is in others. There is no limit on the amount of times a woman get an abortion. Some people see getting an abortion as an option because without it they would not have enough money to raise a child and go through childbirth.

An abortion can cost $0 to upwards of $3000 depending on how much time has gone by. Woman can experience difficulties during and after the surgery.

Some of these risks include scars, were the incision into the body was made, heavy bleeding and many other complications. This is another reason why making abortion illegal would be bad, going to an uncertified doctor could greatly increase the chances of a complication.

Another argument going around whether or not men should have a say in a woman getting an abortion. Some people say that the man has just as much responsibility in making a child as a woman so they should be able to have a say. While other people say that men should not have a say because they do not have to go through the pain of childbirth.

Abortion has been an argument for hundreds of years and it is still debated today. While people argue against it, there are people who believe it is a right that women deserve to have and no one should take that right away.

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