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The Colosseum is located just east from the Roman Forum. The roman forum is a plaza surrounded by the ruins of famous governmental buildings. After you see the ruins of the famous buildings a bus would take you to the Colosseum.

Aerial photo of the Colosseum


The climate in Rome is very hot in the summer months, and inside it is even warmer. If you do choose to go bring an abundance of water.

Showing you will need water


The Colosseum stands three stories tall and is made out of concrete/cement. In some of the tiers of seating there were marble seats for the upper class. Otherwise there is wooden seats for the average woman and or children.

The marble seating of the Colosseum


The Colosseum was a gift from Emperor Vespasian for the Roman people. This was in between 70 and 72 AD. The emperor was never able to open this Colosseum himself therefor his son did. When it was in use it was called the Flavion Amphitheater. When it was first opened they had 100 days of games, which consisted of gladiator combats and wild animal fights.

The battle between an animal and a gladiator at the games

The Games

The gladiator battles consisted of two competitors fighting to the death. They fought with swords and shields. When the first one to kill the other claims victory. In the wild animal battles, a human and an animal would fight. The gladiator would have to kill the animal before it kills him. Many times, the animal in the fight was a lion or other ferocious animals.

A gladiator brawl


The Colosseum was up and running for four centuries until it was abandoned completely. The arena was damaged by lightning, earthquakes, and other acts of nature. Once nobody used the building anymore it was used for many building projects. The Amphitheater was used as recreation for the Cathedrals of St. Peter and the St. John Lateran. When there was a war they had also used the Colosseum's remains for a defense.

The Cathedrals Of St. Peter and St. John

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