LEARN Ayurvedic PULSE Reading Prof. Jayagopal Parla BAMS, MDAyurveda, CMT, MAOM

Ancient Ayurvedic scholars observed fundamental difference between VATA, PITTA and KAPHA pulse. Each of the DOSHAs show specific characteristics that are unique and easily recognizable.

Palpable changes in the pulse are observed when body is undergoing imbalance. Ayurvedic scholars were keen observers and started recording all the subtle and noticeable changes, in comparison to normal pulse. The changes were seen in movement (GATI), character (GUNA), temperature (USHMA) etc., When the thoughts and emotions change, subtle changes can also be seen in pulse. If one can get trained to distinguish layers of the pulse with respect to DOSHA, DHATU, AGNI, OJUS, etc., it gives ayurvedic practitioner a deeper in sight into the imbalance.

Prof. Jayagopal Parla, a classically trained Ayurvedic vaidya, with a clinical experience of over 17 years has learnt and integrated techniques of pulse diagnosis. His method of pulse taking are based on the classical ayurvedic knowledge base. For many years Prof. Jayagopal Parla has developed techniques that are easy to comprehend and apply.

Athreya Ayurvedic Integrative Health Center, is offering two day pulse diagnosis seminar with Prof. Jayagopal Parla. During the course of this seminar you will learn

  1. Concepts from the classical texts of Ayurveda that are essential to perceive the knowledge of pulse.
  2. Hands on guidance to learn the skill
  3. Pulse information regarding commonly occurring health issues
  4. Understanding of the pulse with respect to MANAS, DOSHA, DHATU, AGNI


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