Divided Places: Gainesville

The first Photo shows division through the different economic classes. On the right are luxury apartments, that mostly college students rent out, juxtaposed to lower-income housing that mostly lower-income Gainesville residents own.
The second photo shows division through sorority row. Sororities and the houses are exclusive to the people inside the Greek organization. People cannot just
The third photo shows Fraternity row, much like Sorority row is exclusive to the people that are in the Greek organization and do not let anyone into their house unless you are friends with a member or the person is rushing.
The fourth photo shows midtown, which is a source of division between because after the closing of the club "Cantina," there is only one bar int the entire area that allows people under 21.
The fifth photo shows Turlington Plaza, a source of unity where people from different backgrounds can come together and voice their opinions. There a sense in unity in peacefully getting their dissenting out in the open, without resorting to violence and mutual respect.
The sixth picture shows the wall on 34th street, which college students and residents paint a collage of murals, student organization, and political paintings. Everyone is allowed to paint on the wall and helps unite the country.
The seventh photo is a picture of outside University Club downtown. The club is geared toward the LGBTQ community, although is inclusive of people from every background and is a source of unity in the nightlife scene in Gainesville.
The eighth photo is of Bo Diddley Plaza. The plaza, along with the surrounding park, is a place of unity and shared space where people come to enjoy music during performances, group yoga, and a farmers market that brings the community together
The final photo is the University of Florida football stadium, or "The Swamp." Being a focal point in the city in Gainesville, people both residents and college students enjoy the game. Not only residents, but also alumni, professors, all come together to cheer on the Gators.

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