The Steamboat by gracie wehrli

The steamboat is the most signigicant invention that affected the economy in the 1800s

The steamboat affected people directly because it allowed individuals to travel and receive more good faster and from more places. According to ''This invention had a huge effect on the economy. The steamboat not only moved people, but also goods. This opened up the market for many items because these items could be taken to new ports and locations such as new orleans."

The steamboat was invented by Robert Fulton in the late 1700's and the early 1800's. The steamboat was created because people were looking for a more efficient way to transport people and goods.

What was going on at the time:

The Louisiana Purchase was going on in 1803. The Lewis and Clark expedition also occured from 1804 to 1806.

According to "Union steamboats proved valuable for securing the mississippii and other major water waves, denying the confederates use of rivers and helping the Union force lay siege to important towns in the western theatre."

The steamboat affected both North and South because travel could go both ways.

It was also easier to ship people and goods to many places. It was faster for people to travel and recieve goods.


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