My Good Life Tour at the Harn XINYI PAN

Technique of the Artist: My favorite piece of art work is The Horse which was made during 7th-9th century. I saw it in the section of Asian Collection. According to the introduction, it was made by terracotta and painted by polychrome. Actually I have tried to use terracotta to make a vase in China. It’s very hard to make even with the techniques that we have today. It’s so incredible that people can use terracotta to make a vivid horse like that 1200 years ago. It helps me understand the wisdom of ancient people. I feel so amazing about the techniques of ancient people!

The Horse

Design of the Museum: I think the design of Asian Collection of the Harn Museum is most appealing to me. The Asian Wing is a room to display art works of Asian. The museum display the exhibits in the cabinets with transparent glass and bright light, so the visitors can see the exhibits clearly and will not damage them. And the exhibits are arranged by an aesthetic way. For example, the six artworks made of china, they are arranged in a symmetric way, the highest is in the middle, and the lowest is on the side. It makes people feel more comfortable when visiting them. And in order to make the space not too hollow, the museum also put some exhibits in the center of the room. I think it can let visitors feel better about the design of the museum.

Display of Asian Collection

Art and Core Values: When I working through the wing of Modern Collection, a painting on the wall called "Forest with Heron" which was painted by Herman Herzog and made me feel very peaceful and comfortable. I think this painting appeals to one of my core values --- peacefulness. The artist used soft color to draw the sky and clouds. And the sunshine come through the clouds and irradiate on the top of the trees. This painting builds a comfortable environmen and helps me understand more about the peacefulness and the balance between life and nature.

"Forest with Heron" by Herman Herzog

Art and the Good Life: Thinking about good life, I want to share "Negros y mulatas" -- a painting drew by Pedro Figari that brings me enlightment. It depicts four women are dancing together and three men are playing instrument to accompany those women.The art depicts the Good Life theme of living a happy, peaceful life without stress. Standing in front of the paint, I can hear those people laughing and singing. They're so happy that recalls my memory about my family. What is good life? For me, I don't need to earn too much money. I just want to stay with my family and my friends to do some small but happy things together. I think that can bring me more happiness and well-being. I believe, when I get old, those memories will be the most precious things I have.

"Negros y mulatas" by Pedro Figari
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