The Importance of Honor Cameron Garza, 3rd

Having honor is an amazing thing. In the historical drama, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the topic of honor plays a large role. Hosseini develops the importance of honor as a theme throughout the novel by creating numerous conflicts that make honor a central point in the book.

Honor is something that should be earned and not given. In chapter seven, Amir wins a kite flying tournament and is congratulated by everyone. "I began to pull my kite back as people rushed to congratulate me." Winning the competition brought much honor upon Amir from Ali and even Baba. Although he finally gained the honor he'd always wanted, he feared he may loose it because he hadn't told anyone about the events of Hassan's rape. When he visits his father, it says "Their heads turned. Then a smile played on my father's lips." Amir must pretend like nothing has happened so that he may continue to receive praise from his father like as shown in that quote. Honor should be kept at any cost

Some choices can make a person loose their honor. Baba had made a choice to sleep with Ali's wife and Hassan was born as a result. Amir thinks about this and says, " How had Ali lived in that house day in and day out, knowing he'd been dishonored by his master?" Baba had done one of the worst sis possible and he had dishonored his loyal servant in the process. Ali wasn't the only one he had dishonored, he had also lied to his own son, Amir. "Baba had been a thief. And a thief of the worst kind, because the things he'd stolen had been sacred." Amir felt betrayed because he had the truth of his half brother stolen fro him. A single decision can change how you view a person.

Sometimes the respect you have may change in different places. Baba had gone to the store to buy some oranges but he had no money, so he tried to write a check to the store clerk but he had forgotten his ID. Baba gets angry and says "Almost two years we've bought these damn fruits and put money in his pocket and the son of a dog wants to see my license." Baba isn't the same man with the same honor in this country. Baba then begins to get truly angry because he feels he's been disrespected. "Does he think i'm a thief? What kind of country is this? No one trusts anybody!" Baba has lost his honor and now he's lost what honor he had from Mrs. Nguyen. Depending on where you are and depending on the conflict, you may have respect.

The impact of honor on the novel plays a pivotal role because it's one of the largest themes in this book. It demonstrates how your respect for someone, and how someone respects you, can change depending on the prediciment your in

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