Coyote Chronicles #4 January-February 2018

For Trimester 1 Honour Roll Lists, scroll to the end of the newsletter.

Coming Up - February

  • PAC meeting - Mon, 5th, 7:00pm @ South Peace
  • STAT Family Day - Mon, 12th OFF
  • Early Dismissal Days - Wed, 21st & Thurs, 22nd - Classes end @ 2:00pm
  • Parent Teacher Interviews - Wed, 21st, 6:00 - 8:00pm & Thurs, 22nd, 2:15 - 4:15pm

IMPORTANT REMINDER - Grade 9 Immunization Forms are due ASAP to the Office. If you did not receive a package from your son or daughter, please drop by the Office as we have extras.

Staff Update

We welcome back Mrs. Megan Tinto, who has recently returned from her maternity leave. Mrs. Tinto will be teaching Ms. Vincent's classes - Social Studies, Outdoor Ed and Foods 8-9. As for Ms. Vincent, we wish her the best in the future. She is off to travel East Africa and then on to her next teaching endeavor in South Korea.

We also wish Mrs. Julie Hamilton, our Coach-Mentor, the very best as she and her family welcome a new addition to their family. Congratulations and we will see you soon. Kirsten Davies has added to her current role and become our Coach-Mentor.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Our parent teacher interviews are taking place on Feb 21st evening and Thursday, 22nd afternoon. The format for our interviews will be by drop-in. If you would prefer a scheduled appointment, please contact and make arrangements with the teacher(s) for another date and time.

  • Wednesday, 21st will be the evening from 6:00 to 8:00pm
  • Thursday, 22nd will be the evening from 2:15 to 4:15pm

Please remember both days will be early dismissals @ 2:00pm with 51 minute blocks and an earlier lunch break. More details to follow the week before.

Absence Call Out System

After each school day, automatic phone calls and emails are sent to inform parents/guardians about student absences. Please contact the school when needed to check or clarify about your son or daughter's attendance. Note - Phone calls and emails will NOT occur for excused absences. We encourage our parents to call or email our secretaries in advance to inform us about future excused absences.

Also, please contact the Office if you prefer your cell number to be the phone number for the Call-Out System to use. Thank-you.

Speaking of phone numbers, if your phone numbers have changed, please contact the Office.

Interim Reporting

We are half way through Trimester 2. Our teachers are in the midst of reporting home to parents and with students about their progress in their Academic courses. February 1st to 15th is our latest interim reporting time.

Please check your son and/or daughter's progress on FreshGrade or by email. Students who are struggling to pass their Academics will be informed by their teachers who will also be contacting parents with an 'I' (Incomplete) report by email.

We appreciate your involvement and help from home as we support your son/daughter together to succeed at Central Campus. Please stay in contact with teachers when and as you can. The power of together makes a big difference.

Report Cards will be issued soon after Spring Break in early April.

Reminder that X4 COURSES (the next round of Exposure 8 and Seminar 9 classes) started on Jan 31st and they go to March 16th.

Athletics Update

We are now in the last month of the basketball season. Both of the Grade 9 teams have been playing at a high level, winning some good games and both taking second place at our home tournament. Both teams also won the Dr. Kearney tournament before Christmas, and at the Bert Bowes New Year’s Classic, the Boys came 2nd while the Girls came 3rd.

The Boys have a tournament against the best teams in Prince George, in which they hope to earn a spot at Provincials (March 1-4) down in Langley. The Girls are looking to beat NPSS to earn a trip to Zones in Prince George. Finally, both teams will be Grande Prairie Regional College on February 23/24 for their Grade 9 tournament. Here’s to a strong and successful finish to the season!

Ab.Ed. Corner

Hi! My name is Kirsten Davies and I have taken over for Julie Hamilton for the rest of this year while she is on maternity leave. I have been a teacher in this district for thirteen years, teaching everything from grade 3 to grade 8. I have worked at Central before, about six years ago. I worked in the Aboriginal Education department for one year and I taught grade 8 for another year. The role of the Coach Mentor in Aboriginal Education has changed since I last did it. Back then, my job was strictly goal setting with students and helping to plan special events for the department. Now, the role has evolved to include working with teachers to profile their classrooms, which is what I am currently doing.

Classroom profile meetings happens three times a year at Central, currently we are on our second round. The idea is to be able to sit down with the classroom teacher and take a very close look at the strengths and individual needs of all of the learners in the class. This gives teachers a very good idea of what that specific class needs are in regards to instruction and the teacher is then able to set a goal for their class for the term coming up. Once this round of profile meetings is over, I will focus on meeting up with the students to get to know them and continue goal setting.

Coyote Sightings
Mrs. Noh's class has been working on Science Fair. Here are some examples.
Some images from around the school.

Trimester 1 Honour Rolls

Congratulations to our 139 students who made the Honor Roll with straight A's or A-averages with their GPA based on all courses (not limited to Academics). That's 39% of our students. Awesome! Certificates were given out by Ms. Lindstrom and Mr. Horton in January. We also have our students recognized on our Awards Wall located at the downstairs intersection.

Listed below are our Trimester 1 Honor Roll students:

Honour Roll with Distinction Gr. 9 (straight A's)

  • Gabby Berbenzana
  • Tim Bieri
  • Jayden Easingwood
  • Karma Hamilton
  • Joel Harris
  • Layla Hingley
  • Tionna Lenart
  • Aiden Lorincz-Bowman
  • Dakotah Ruel
  • Kendyl Stark
  • Sasha Willgress
  • Emma Wyant

Honour Roll with Distinction Gr. 8

  • Adelle Bailey
  • Independence Baran
  • Rylie Bondaroff
  • Tyson Buchan
  • Ridley Chisholm
  • Kaitlyn Duong
  • Dylan Lekstrom
  • Madison MacElheren
  • Hannah McDonald
  • Kennedy Smith
  • Kourtlynn Smithard
  • Bree Torgrimson
  • Kaela Villamarin
  • Benjamin Walker

Honour Roll Gr. 9 (A average)

  • Ashley Anderson
  • Nicole Anonuevo
  • Micca Asuncion
  • Courtney Berg
  • Kylie Capelle
  • Gabby Capelle
  • Alexis Conroy
  • Scott Cournoyer
  • Jordy Cryne
  • Karlee Dahlen
  • Annique DeCosta-Blais
  • Miya DeVuyst
  • Allie Dokken
  • Jaydan Espiritu
  • Adam Fodor
  • Chelsea Hayward
  • Bella Jonsson
  • Sarah Kim
  • Markus Meyer
  • Caston Parker
  • Joelle Paulin
  • Willis Piper
  • Madison Pollard
  • Brinne Remfert
  • Levi Robertson
  • Jilleena Schultz
  • Kianna-Rae Sherk
  • Bailey Shoemaker
  • Sarah Smith
  • Cadence Spenner
  • Averee Whitewood
  • Titus Willms
  • Nathan Wilson
  • Marley Wolff
  • Cheyenne Young

Honour Roll Gr. 8

  • Dalaney Dunbar
  • Jan Banagaso
  • Carter Bennetts
  • Krystal Borra
  • DJ Borromeo
  • Tori Bowen
  • Lauren Brough
  • Ilyana Carpenter-Bloudoff
  • Kadence Chaffee
  • Tamara Chimusaru
  • Kennedy Cox
  • Blake Cox
  • Austin Dalsin
  • Emma Duncan
  • Vincent Ebersbach
  • Victoria Esselink
  • Emma Freeman
  • T.J. Fulton
  • Kaylan Gaucher
  • Lacey Germain
  • Tamara Giesbrecht
  • Trinity Gitscheff
  • Reece Graff
  • Brooke Halma
  • Sara Hansen
  • Gwen Hawkins
  • Shayne Hommy
  • Kayah Jalbert
  • Ian Kettner
  • Hunter Kirtzinger
  • Autumn Knutson
  • Nate Kulak
  • Emerald Lamon
  • Brodie Levins
  • Niel Aron Maming
  • Colton Mazanek
  • Daylon McKay
  • Landon McKechnie
  • Elizabeth McLean
  • Kaedance Miller
  • Keisha Miller
  • Ethaney Morgan
  • Jace Norman
  • Christopher Pamittan
  • Lawrence Park
  • Kendal Parslow
  • Casey Patterson
  • Tyler Pederson
  • Cadence Penner
  • Nathan Peterat
  • Kamryn Powell
  • Ryder-Dayne Purnell
  • Xavier Reeve
  • Emily Richard
  • Janice Ripley
  • Shya Rowley
  • Jessica Rude
  • Rebecca Schwertner
  • Kelsey Seinen
  • Adam Shea
  • Kennedy Shevkenek
  • Brianna Shuman
  • Jared Smith
  • Janie Smith
  • Wyatt Sorken
  • Keaton Spenner
  • Talia Stark
  • Kira Switzer
  • Kaiden Thola
  • Trysta Tower
  • Erin Waddell
  • Alix Warner
  • Jennifer Wickstrom
  • Keanne Wilkinson
  • Parker Wilson
  • Jordyn Wilson
  • Caitlin Wruck
  • Halle Zavaglia


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