Good Life Play Khaleed Rich

The Spatial Experience: My first reaction when I walked into the theater was that it was cold and I was upset that I did not bring a jacket. The seating was limited by the time I got inside to the performance so I sat towards the back, elevated a little higher. My seating did not bring a negative effect on my experience of the play. When the lights dimmed and everyone got quiet my exact words were "its about to go down". I was just happy it started because it began a little late and I was on a time schedule. Due to the size of the audience my first impression was that this play might be good.
The Social Experience: I went to the play with my friend Jojo. Before I went into the play I was just chilling with my friend Jojo and another mutual friend of ours by the food court. We were just burning time waiting for the the play to start. Going with Jojo definitely made my experience better because I would of been bored and I would of had to sit by myself through that cold play. Also without Jojo I would of have to ask a stranger to take my picture.
The Cultural & intellectual experience: The performance developed a understanding of my own culture/life because my family was far from rich and there were times we had to make sacrifices to continue to function. I can say it taught me how to make the best of the cards that you have been dealt. Before the performance I was clueless about the subject matter. The performance enhanced my views on appreciating your blessings. You do not have to look far for your blessings they are all around you. Always remind yourself when you are in a bad place that their is someone out there who's struggle is much worse than yours, so remain humble. I feel the subject can relate to my life in the sense that I know my social class and my perspective on the world is very different than most people at UF.
The Emotional Experience: The play gave me a chance for "katharsis" by showing the importance of music and dance in general, as a way of life. Many people now a days do not just use music to just listen but to express our feelings and also to find ways of relating to our feelings. This allows subjects a way to cope with their problems. To some, music is a way of life; eat, sleep, and use music as therapy.

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