Cyber Bullying Effects How the worlD's most used source, can be evil?

The topic I chose, was Cyber Bullying; a term which means misuse of social media towards someone. Like for example all the hate, a teen or celebrity go through, for making a clear statement. And it's important to respect each other no matter where we are, and how we support one and the other.

If your a victim of a cyber bully, you can go directly to the site help button, or an adult or guardian that you fully trust with this. Next, address the problem completely don't leave any other small details out. And to get educated more on these problems, go to your counselor or group of peers.

I agree that we have to take a step back from social media, because it affects everyone and everything. Look at Kim K. she got robbed and almost killed for flashing her lavishes online. But that's not the case, I'm trying to say we have to be careful on what we post because people can use that against me, you, or anybody.

Created By
Gabriel Guzman


Created with images by John T. Spencer - "Cyber-Bullying" • J_O_I_D - "cyb-bullying-hd" • LoboStudioHamburg - "twitter facebook together" • joffi - "hacking hacker computer"

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