America's Growth "'Merica!!" By Maya N.


From 1492 to 1776 we have been building up our now free, independent country. This web page project will show how we grow from explorers, England's government, Sons of Liberty, and several others. They all helped us get to where we are today

Part 2 of Intro
Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean in 1492 in search of India to trade for spices. Little did he know he was on the route to an unknown land which they called the New Lands. He found out there were a lot of Natives in the area so taking the land would take some time. He raced back to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to tell them this startling news. This is what starts settlers coming here, making us rich, and building us up!
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In 1585 Sir Walter Raleigh started their first American colony, Roanoke, which failed. He left to get supplies and food, but when he came back everything was gone! On a tree trunk carved were the words Croatoan.

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In 1754 the French and Indian began which was just ONE of the SEVERAL seeds of revolution. Another one is all the debts that came after the war. England was in debt up to their ears and wanted us to pay them back the money they used defending us.

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As you know, Britain wanted us to pay them back their money. But we didn't give it to them, so, they taxed us crazily to make up the money. We boycotted and eventually they taxed us just to show who's boss. In 1774, the first Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, PA to try and find a way to get rid of these taxes.

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In 1776 another Congress met to declare independence from England. However, before made this treasonous document we sent the Olive Branch Petition for one last chance of peace with England.

Part 5

In 1787 we wrote the U.S. constitution.

These are amendments to the Constitution called the Bill of Rights.

So, how did these events make America?

Well, in the first one on the list Britain started trying colonize the "New Land" which became their goal for several more centuries since they failed their first one.

Next, several centuries later, we squabble with France over the Ohio River Valley leading to the French and Indian War. After, Britain is in debt since they put in all their money into winning. We don't pay them back and this is ONE Seed of Revolution.

Third of all, in 1774 we try to get rid of all the taxes that Britain was putting on us. All these taxes made us angrier and got us closer to the edge of the American Revolution.

Explanation #2

In 1776, during the Revolutionary War, we FINALLY declare independence from Great Britain which means we are officially our own country, America.

Explanation #3

In 1787 we tear up the Articles of Confederation and write the U..S. Constitution. Later in 1791 we add the Bill of Rights for the citizens of America. These rules are what hold our country together.

The End



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