Infiltrating the Ivory Trade

Ivory trafficking has become prevalent over the years, which puts the elephant population at a high risk.

Elephants located near main roads have a higher chance of being poached for their tusks
This shows the devastating aftermath of what happens to elephants once their tusks have been removed and are ready to be sold

Once the ivory has been obtained, it is stored in warehouses until there is a potential buyer

If ivory trafficking continues, the elephant population would be at risk of becoming an endangered or even an extinct species

Efforts have been made by numerous organizations to try and raise awareness of the ivory trade and how it can be stopped

Documentaries and news articles have been created in order for the public to be informed about what goes on behind the scenes

By increasing the security within the reserves, poaching activity would start to decrease and the elephant population would begin to thrive again


Created with images by Mister-E - "Elephant" • Mister-E - "Elephants" • LaertesCTB - "Elephants" • Mister-E - "Elephant" • Greenwich Photography - "Nelly" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Ivory tusk tower" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Carved ivory tusk stockpile slated for destruction in the crush." • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Before sunrise crews began loading ivory which FWS seized during undercover investigations of organized smuggling operations or confiscating at the U.S. border over the past 25 years." • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Kristin Bauer, actress and IFAW Ambassador, speaks at the U.S. Ivory Crush." • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Edward Grace, USFWS Deputy Assistant Director for Law Enforcement discussing the ivory." • US Army Africa - "Botswana MDMP 2010" • US Army Africa - "Botswana MDMP 2010" • skeeze - "wild elephants wildlife nature" • pamstenzel - "elephant tanzania animal"

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