Mani Days of Fun by: Melissa Hoang

We use our hands every single day. We use it to work, to create, and to play. We all have our own passions and our own inspirations. We choose what we want to do with our free time and what we want to put on our hands, fingers, and nails. This is all from personality and uniqueness. What drives us everyday to work hard and play hard. So... what's your passion?

Why do you love (insert hobby)?

What is your signature nail color and why?

Pianist's Hands

Corri Budge

Kiko Milano - Martha Red | €1.99

"I love playing piano because it is the only thing in the world that can make me feel completely at peace. When I'm playing, my mind can be completely free and I can think about only playing, or I can think about nothing at all. It's almost like a form of mediation for me. I also love playing because it's the only thing that I am really good at. I have always been kind of good at a lot, but I find my identity in being a pianist because it is something I feel I truly succeed in."

Red is my signature color because it's bold and vibrant. It represents who I aim to be, someone who is fearless and passionate in the pursuit of their goals.

Reader's Hands

Dani Steglich

China Glaze - Fifth Avenue | $4.50

"I love reading because I love to learn! I read shampoo bottles, instructions of medicine, books about historical figures, and whatever you give me to read! It's even stronger now that I'm immersed in a different culture. I can always learn a new word, be informed, and it also improves my writing and enhances my creativity. It made me a very visual person, so it's easier for me to remember facts and dates if I read about them."

Purple is my signature color because it's strong but at the same time, it is very delicate. Purple can represent balance, at least it's what i feel when i use something that's purple or I see the color somewhere.

Swimmer's Hands

Hannah Delia

Kiko Milano - Cerulean Blue | €4.00

"I love swimming because it's something I've been submerged in since I was born. I grew up going to swim practice with all my friends and family. My job now is teaching young kids how to swim so that I can help others feel the ease and relaxation that swimming brings to me. It's a great feeling to have everything lifted off your shoulders when you dive in."

Blue is my signature color because it is cool, chilled, and relaxed. It represents fluidity and tranquility, things i STRIVE FOR AND TRY TO SPREAD IN LIFE.

Gymnast's Hands

Sophie Johnson

Kiko Milano - Flamingo Pink | €1.99

"I love gymnastics because it's hard and challenging but it looks so beautiful. In a way, that's also how I can describe my style. It makes me feel accomplished and satisfied when I land a new move/routine."

Pink is my color because it's girly and fun, which is totally opposite of how I normally dress. I tend to wear all black because it's safe. Pink and in small amounts is a way for me to express my girly side.

Writer's Hands

Cheyenne Kahaunani

Sally Hansen - Diamonds and Rubies | $6.99

"I love writing because it is therapeutic. It's one of my favorite ways of expressing my thoughts and reflecting on my life experiences and memories that I've created."

Red is my signature color because it symbolizes love. And i'm a hopeless romantic. it's also the color of the moroccan flag, a culture which i have newly fallen in love with!

Bowler's Hands

Jodie Mescall

Kiko Milano - Juicy Purple | €4.00

"I love bowling because when I am holding a 15lb ball in my hand, it's like the whole world has stopped and the only thing that matters is knocking down the pins at the end of the oily lane. I release the ball and hold my breathe as I watch my ball head for the pins. As soon as the pins come crashing down, everything comes back to life and I smile as my lungs fill with air."



Lizzy Kasper

Kiko Milano - Metallic Gunmetal | €4.00

"I love traveling because you learn so much. You get to learn about people and yourself and how the world fits together. I also like how small it makes you feel. It's a good way to remind yourself that you're just another person which is very humbling to me and I try to do it as often as I can. Each time is a new adventure with so many unknown opportunities and chances to make an impact on your life."

Black is my color because it's edgy and because my life is so colorful and happy, this color is the only thing that will be dark. It also makes me feel like a badass.

Singer's hands

Jess Hunter

Kiko Milano - Light Misty Green | €1.99

"Singing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I love to sing because it helps me express my feelings and emotions in a way that, sometimes, merely speaking the words cannot. As I've grown older, sharing my talent with friends and family brings me so much joy. As soon as I step on the stage, my heart and soul goes into that performance; all of my initial stress and nerves fade away."

My signature color is mint green because it is very calming and reminds me of the summer time and beach.


Molli Utti

Kiko Milano - Vintage Rose | €3.99

"I love to dance because I find it very freeing. I can express things I can't always say otherwise; it's my form of communication. I also love that I'll never stop learning because there is so much to learn with dance."

Mauve or bright pink are my go-to colors because it represents my idea of femininity. in my eyes it reminds me of flowers and femininity. i think since i'm a feminist it does in a way representS my life and the women i venture to be.

Photographer's hands

Kim Nakayama

China Glaze - White on White | $5.99

"I like being able to capture a certain moment or feeling forever-- being able to always look back on the memories. I also think it's fun to edit photos and be creative with them."

White is my signature color because it looks fresh and clean. I love wearing it in the summer and year-round because it goes with everything. It represents light and perfection almost like the picaresque clouds.
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Melissa Hoang

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