The Walt Disney Company My Professional Internship GOal

Company History

Founder- Walt Disney
  • Founded in 1923
  • Started as a Cartoon Studio
  • First production= Alice's Wonderland
  • First characters= Oswald, then Mickey Mouse

Reasons I Want to Intern with The Walt Disney Company

  1. Prestige
  2. Values
  3. Role in Community


  1. Employs 180,000 people worldwide
  2. 12 Parks (2 CA, 4 FL, 2 Tokyo, 2 Paris, 1 Hong Kong, 1 Shanghai)
  3. World's Largest Media Conglomerate


  1. Innovation
  2. Creativity
  3. Commitment to Excellence
  4. Positive, Inclusive &Family-Friendly Environment

Role in Community

  • 2015- $333.3M in charitable giving
  • Since 2012- 23.1M books donated
  • Since 2012- 2.4M hours of service by employees
  • Numerous support programs

Professional Internships

  1. Professional Internship vs. College Program
  2. Variety of industries
  3. Exposure to travel & tourism industry and business

How I Connect to the Walt Disney Company and the Professional Internship Program

  • Positive, innovative atmosphere
  • Immense opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge base
  • Large network of peers and mentors
  • Interested in working in travel & tourism industry--Background working at Busch Gardens

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