kaiah topia be happy & nice : By kate & mariah

motto /vision--we are the kaiah topians and we want you to be happy. Are vision is to make everyone happy and nice and live in paradise. we want you to be apart of are society.And contribute.just be happy and nice.

membership policy - if you commit a crime you will be sent to jail depending on your crime it might be sevear or small you can't bully or say bad words. everything must be cleaned.grow your own food.ect

location- are location is a very tropical place to for you to feel relax and healthy and happy.There are lots of flowers and trees it's very green.

daily schedule-

eat/you will get cleaned up

go to school


work /or clean

bed time

government -we are a democracy the citizens choose a leader and that leader guides us but we also have other people that have power that help him we are a nice but firm community .

appeal-we are a strong community and create your happiness you can trust us and we will make sure you are happy and nice this is a safe community


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