How to Vegan Why to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and how to do it

The planet is undergoing the sixth mass extinction. Every day, we lose another species. Humans are the main reason for the loss of so many other sentient beings, and the loss of them puts our own existence in peril. There are so many avenues available to combat the demise of our habitat, its inhabitants, and humankind alike. Join us to see why compassion needs to become part of the conversation and what you can do to help.

Veganism is gaining in popularity, because it's something you can do RIGHT NOW to help combat climate change and start reversing the damage humans have done to the planet.

Animal Agriculture is the Biggest Contributor to Climate Change (See: Cowspiracy.com)

Factory farmed cattle and other animals live lives of torture only to have their babies taken from them and be slaughtered.

Animal agriculture is depleting resources across the globe, used to graze animals or deforest to give them even more grazing area.

Pigs are very intelligent animals and are sentient beings who deserve a decent life just as much as a pet dog or cat does.

Pigs are also very intelligent, fun and playful. Just like your pet dog!

OK, I had to sneak in one more cutie...

Vegan Feasting is a thing! There are so many easy and delicious (and healthy!) recipes on the internet. Literally, an endless resource. Visit my site to find out more!
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