Abandoned Farmhouse Poem By Maggie Thaller

She never lets her talent go to waste, says the sewing needle on the fabric by the table, and the sheet music on the piano in the dining room. She never lets anything go uncared for, say the brushes in a cup of water by the watercolor painting,and the blooming African Violet on the windowsill under the music stand

She spends time with the people she loves, says the ripped badminton net in the backyard and the blue couch in front of the tv by the window. She also pays attention to every detail, say the pillows neatly placed behind the book on the seat in the corner of the room and the salt and pepper shakers set on the table by the napkin holder

She cares for the smallest of creatures, says the rubber ball next to the fish tank and the chicken coop under a tree in the backyard. She knows that it is the small things that give life its true meaning, say the blue bird stickers on the wall and the trilobite fossil on the middle shelf in a display case next to the fish tank

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