Across A War-Tossed Sea By: L. M. Elliot

From the same author who brought you "Under A War Torn Sky"

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Another book by L. M. Elliot

As an everyday reader, this book was given to me by my Aunt. Although I'm not one for War novels, I found this one entertaining, it had such a well built structure. The ending was sudden and a cliff hanger at that. The rising action was very intense, I guess you could say. It was just all around awesome.

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  1. About Laura:
  2. Laura is best known for her book, “Under A War-Torn Sky”
  3. She finished her WWII trilogy with “Across A War-Tossed Sea”

As evacuees from Blitz-stricken London, Charles and his little brother Wes survived a dangerous journey across the Atlantic to reach the safety of America. Yet Charles is overcome by guilt that, back home, his friends and family are fighting on without him, while Wes is haunted by terrifying nightmares. Together, they struggle to come to terms with their new life on a family farm - while German prisoners work side by side with them in the fields.

  2. Wes gets shot in the arm.
  3. Charles tries to make his way to a freighter to escape back to Britain.
  4. The twins almost get killed.
  5. Wes befriends an African-American boy
  6. Ron saves Wes when he gets into a fight over a bus situation.

This book is Historical-Fiction.

  1. “In the same agonizing instance, Wesley realized where the plane was pointed--straight at the twins! It was another nightmare, it had to be Wesley thought. This can’t be happening. ‘Johnny, Jamie!’ he shrieked.” This quote is of great importance to the plot because it adds suspense to plot causing the reader to want to know more, which then causes them to read on.
  2. “Your uncle is dead.” This quote is important because it makes the reader want to know more about how Charles and Wesley feel about losing their uncle during a Nazi bombing.

This book includes some teachable moments because it teaches the reader about what was going on in WWII, all the while, creating an entertaining plot.

Overall I rate this book:


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Elisha Tilley

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