History Innovative Design Project Plan In collaboration with IICS, By Amritaa Basu, Phuthanet P. & Hizqeel Damudi

Our Approach...

We plan to introduce the students of Indus International Community School to international happenings through a gradual process; by moving through a few connected subtopics. We plan to start with more general ideas in regards to government and politics, and then develop ideas and transition into the presence of these government systems in the modern world... A series of objectives will be set out for us and the students, with the achievement of one leading to the introduction of another. These will be under the holistic umbrella of our main aim. These can be seen below.

Aim and Objectives


To educate the IICS students and, through a series of engaging activities, increase, develop, nurture, and enrich their global awareness so that they may Become more informed and subsequently able to make a lasting LOCAL impact.

  • To introduce the topic of different government systems and ensure the students' thorough understanding in this area.
  • To discuss the presence of the various government systems in the modern world with examples and test their understanding.
  • To teach about the U.S. Government system and recent elections.
  • To discuss the impact of the U.S. government's decisions on the rest of the world.
  • To have the students compare the widespread impact of a single government to similar circumstances on a local scale. This will allow the students to connect their understanding to their local environment, in order to further enrich the knowledge they gain.
Throughout the process and alongside the completion of each objective, we will conduct activities that will serve as reflections so that we may further improve their understanding and clarity in learning and awareness.



Before we start the learning activities, we Will need to ensure that we can comfortablY interact with the students and create a positive learning Environment. Thus we will conduct an icebreaker session so that we can all get to know one another.

The objective of a icebreaker is to essentially get people to be more comfortable around each other and get to know one another. This paves the path for easy and smooth interaction between them. Thus we will have an icebreaker activity as mentioned above for this purpose....

DuraTion- 10 mins...What information do we want to know and tell them about OursElves?

>>Name >>Grade >>Favorite Subject>>Why is it your favorite?>>How is it connected to history?>>What is your idea of history?>>How much do you know about what is happening on a global scale?

Preliminary icebreaker activity... >>ResouRces needed- printer sized paper, markers

On a sheet of paper, each person will draw a self-portrait, their hobbies, favorite subject, and two general things about themselves. All of the papers, without any names, will be collected and the students will have to guess whose paper is which.
We could also implement the concept in which each person introduces the self and says two truths about his or herself, and one lie. It is the job of the other members to say which is which.

<<Introduction of main topic>>

We will have another activity to introduce the iics students to oUr tOpic.

Duration-30 minutes

First, we will have a circle discussion so that we can get an idea of what all the students know >> The students will connect their favorite subjects to the concept of history and politics >> They will share their knowledge on international and global happenings or events >> Their knowledge of government systems and any examples that they know >> Identify India's government system >> IISB students start teaching >> Types of government systems >> Quick quiz to make sure they have understood...

We can teach the concept of government systems with a series of DrAwings such as a storyboard or a fun mindmap...

Resources- i think we would need a softboard or large posterboard, and i have markers at home to use...

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