Minnesota Lynx

Identity: The Minnesota Lynx are a well-known franchise in Women's Basketball. In recent years they have been winning the WNBA championships

The Minnesota Lynx are called the Lynx because of their location. Lynx can be common in Northern Minnesota.

The Colors are Blue, Red, Green, and White. Blue represent the winter and coldness of Minnesota weather. White represents the high-quality of their product. The red on the tongue gives the lynx more depth and on the basketball. Green is for the Minnesota forests.

Evolution and Brand makeover: In the past 10 years the franchise has changed with very good players like Maya Moore, Seimone Augustus, and Lindsay Whalen.

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Golden State Warriors

Identity: The Golden State Warriors we're popular back when Wilt Chamberlain played for them and now, Stephen Curry.

These are the logo changes in Warrior's history.

They called the Golden State Warriors because of California's name- The Golden State, symbolizing all of California

They colors are gold and royal blue. These two colors have been the most prevalent in the team’s Bay Area uniform history, appearing as the dominant scheme in four of the last five decades since the team’s arrival on the West Coast in 1962.

Evolution: At the start of their history, it was good. Then they had a drought for several seasons, but soon it would become one of the biggest franchises in NBA history. As their team got better, new logos and jerseys came out.

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Identity: Netflix is a very good website to use for watching TV shows and movies. The photo above shows the new and old versions of the Netflix logo.

Hastings came up with the idea for Netflix when he was charged $40.00 in late fees for not returning the VHS version of Apollo 13. (Owner)

The colors are Red and White. They give you comfort like the old-fashion bags of popcorn that are red and white that you would eat while watching a movie.

Evolution: They changed their logo to be more modern and appeal to today's teens and young adults

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