Russia Celia Nordling

Russia is located in both Europe and Asia and is the largest country in the world. It is surrounded by Finland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, China, North Korea, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia.
The capitol of Russia is Moscow, Russia.
There is no exact meaning for the Russian flag, however many people believe it means something along the lines of the white representing God, blue representing king, and red representing the people and/or country.
Russia is made up of many different land forms such as the Saian mountains, the west Siberian plain, and the central Siberian Plateau. However, it is mostly made up of plains.
The majority of Russia's climate is subarctic, but there are also many other types throughout the country.
Russia's total population is 143.5 million

Russian is the official language of Russia but there are 35 other languages spoken in different regions and 100 minority languages.

Russia's government type is semi-presidential, however, even though the citizens vote there's only one choice and no write ins on the ballots.

The traditional women's Russian clothing is called Sarafan
Traditional folk dance is a big part of Russian culture and has been for many years
Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Russia
A traditional dish in Russia is pancakes with caviar

Two famous people from Russia are Maria Sharapova and Regina Spektor.

Regina Spektor is a famous singer from Russia. Her music is very popular and she has written many songs.
Maria Sharapova is a famous tennis player from Russia who has gone to the olympics and gotten a silver medal for women's singles.


Some main points you need to know about Russia are:

  • The main/official language is Russian
  • Russia is the biggest country in the world and has many different climates and physical features
  • The main religion is Russian Orthodox
  • The currency is the Russian Ruble


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