Grace E. Turner A3

Dream Job.

A head chef is a highly skilled professional cook who oversees the operations of a restaurant or dining facility. on average a head chef makes about $53,309-$75,754 a year.

Dream Vacation. INDIA!

The Taj Mahal in India, hotels provide hand made soaps from Delhi, along with other amenities from Delhi.

Safty and Sanitation.

This picture is of a nearly perfectly clean and sanitized kitchen, I say nearly because the cleaner is not put away other than that there are no problems showing.

Lab 1

I liked the pumpkin bar lad because it was easy, and helped me practice proper sanitation skills. I also liked it because it helped me to learn how to do a good job quickly, which is essential in the resonant industry.

Lab 2

I chose the apple crisps because they were good practice of proper safety because we had to work quickly but be careful of those around use. It was also good practice of sanitation, because we had to move fast but also keep things clean and sanitized as we went.

Chiffonade: made by stacking leaves rolling them tightly and slicing the leaves perpendicular with the roll. (Meant to add volume to a dish.)

Diagonal slice: made by cutting at a 45 degree angle.

Bruniose: made by first Julienning food then cutting the Julienned food into cubes.

I want a Blendtec Blender, and on amazon I fond a Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender Classic for $229.95, (which is way less then my mom paid!)

We made mac and cheese during our learning of mother souceses. It was a verry enjoyable lab. This lab helped with my thick cream sauce making skills.
We also made eggs benidict durng thelessons on suceses. This lab helped with my smooth creamy sau ce mking skiills. It was enjoyable.

The pomegranate originated in the region of modern-day Iran. And is my favorite because it is delicious, I first tried one on Christmas, and there is family history with them.

Kale which comes from Europe is a delicious leafy veggie that makes wonderful green smoothies.

I cannot include a picture of myself dressed professionally because we do not have one and mom refuses to take the picture or let me take it unless I shower and take three hours or longer doing my hair first.

I was going to were my outfit for the FCCLA STAR events because it is the most professional outfit I own. Also it is ready and on hand.

This term we made apple swans to help us learn about plating, I had a lot of fun and learned a new skill for when I have people over for a fancy activity.

In the Cheesecake lab we decorated cheesecake to learn how to make an amazing looking plate, that catches the eye and makes the dish more desirable.

In this lab we learned how to fold napkins fancifully, and I had a lot of fun making candle stick-napkins, which will be use full if I ever have a fancy dinner party or a a fancy dine in resonant.

This is a formal table setting, it would be used at fancy dinners are to impress the dinner guest.

When I get stressed I color look at nature and/or sing, or I simply read a book. My favorite way to distress is to read there is nothing better then a good read to distress in life.

In this lab we made mac and cheese from scratch. We had to make the Cheese sauce, and chose what Cheese would be best with the pasta noddles we cooked.

We have been learning about pasta and how to cook and serve it, with a good sauce.

In this lab we were doing marketing, and had to make posters to market a product.

We were also split into groups and had to chose our own product to market, make, and sell.

This lab we made on a quiz day to practice making food quickly.

We were also learning about cook starches, and potatoes are starches.

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