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(Polish - verb) Definition: to lead a lonely life, give up meeting people, fall into the abyss of apathy and social alienation

Word submitted in the plebiscite on the Polish "Youth Word of the Year" 2016

Source, accessed on: 28.10.2019.

Living in a foreign country, as well as in a big city, brings many challenges. Starting from the aspect of emigration and being an immigrant in a foreign culture and country, through language, customs, and in all this involuntary growth as a human, man, person.

Before every immigrant, regardless of the destination of the place he is going to. There are obstacles which, in addition to getting a job and maintaining the economic viability of the individual - is also a desire for personal growth and interpersonal contacts. The desire to have friends, a relationship, family or ordinary interpersonal interaction is one of the basic human needs. Differences resulting from a different culture, although it comes from the same group (Europe and Christianity), as well as moral or linguistic differences - are quite a challenge for the individual. Taking into account a certain configuration of character, disposition, personality - the individual can adapt to new conditions. Going to university or getting a better job - every individual tries to improve his linguistic skills. Despite this, after many years, not every individual sees their future in that country. Situations and relationships between people may seem insufficiently obvious or so absurd for an individual, that it would be difficult to refer to the existence of such situations in the individual's home country.

My work, based on my own experience, will try to bring the life of a young man whose adolescence falls on emigration in the United Kingdom.

Gallery - mock layout

Idea of a showroom

My idea was to create a small/medium sized room-space to show my work. It would be played from a digital player/DVD (connected to the projector) continuously in loop every 5 minutes, with duration of around 13 minutes.

Top view of the showroom
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